Homeland of Digby.

From an island that very much resembles Ur-Delth. It is about 350 miles long and 100 miles wide at its widest point.

According to Digby, Yatellnor used to be part of a place called the Ten Realms in the distant past. The Ten Realms were a mighty Kingdom that held sway over vast areas of land. It was rich and had many technological and magical wonders before some sort of cataclysm occurred.

There is a very strong current around Yatellnor that makes sailing West in the Green Sea all but impossible. And the thick green mists around Yatellnor make it impossible for anybody to know if other lands are close. Anybody who has left Yatellnor by boat has not returned.

However, visitors from other lands have been to Yatellnor. As a child, he remembers the arrival of a boat from the West. The people in the boat said they were from a place called Ur-Delth. They were led by someone called Garron the White, a preist of Amenoth. They since left the island and never returned. Not long ago, several people from a place they called Selts arrived, providing you with further proof that Yatellnor is not alone in this grim world.


Ur-Delth Sebos