Lizardfolk Ranger/Rogue.

Wrusk was born into the Dithroc tribe on their island of Rut’Thrusk far from any known lands. The island never got many visitors, so Wrusk never knew what a Dwarf or Orc was. All Wrusk knew was hunting. He is a very skilled hunter and trapper, helping to protect and feed his village. After generations, the winds grow more powerful and game becomes scarce. Wrusk being the strongest, was tasked to kill the creator of the lightning storm off in the distance that will surely eat their island. His destiny awaits him as he sets sail, his boat giving him the means to travel to this mythical beast to slay it. What awaits him, is yet to be seen…

Wrusk found himself called before the tribe’s shaman, Un’Rinala. The shaman dipped Wrusk’s scaled, clawed hand into a bowl of flesh-eating mud beetles and then read a prophecy in the open wounds…

“Your destiny lies in stopping the maker of the storm. You will destroy the storm maker. You will find others to aid you on your quest, but it may lead you to unexpected places. Places beyond our sight.”

The shaman then gave you a leather wrapped stick with a closed crocodile eye affixed to tip. Surrounding the eye are crocodile teeth.

“This is the eye of the last known crocodile on Rut’Thrusk. It was slain many years before your birth. Once you complete your quest and destroy the storm maker, the eye will open.”

Under your guidance, the tribe supported your quest by gathering what resources they could to build you a small boat (basically a roughly constructed sailing cat boat). You intended to fight current and set sail straight for the storm. Soon after setting sail, you realized fighting the current would not be an easy task. In fact, your boat was quickly swept into the current, but no matter how far the current took you toward the east, the storm always stayed on your port side. And, the storm grew closer and closer. The winds increased dramatically and the current sped up. The waters become ever rougher, with waves crashing over the sides. After two days of progressively worse conditions, you felt your boat would fall apart.

Then the sky lit up in a bright purple flash. You heard rumbling in the distance and noted that there where no more lightning flashes from the storm. Then you saw a huge wave racing toward your boat from where the storm was. It washed over you, but you managed to stay afloat, although many of your supplies were washed overboard.

The winds and the current had slowed considerably and you were able to effectively maneuver the boat toward where the storm used to be. But there were no more lightning flashes. In fact, the green mists began to dissipate and for the first time in your life, you saw strange yellowish beams shine down from the sky to the ocean surface (sunlight!).

After several hours, you noted debris floating in the water. Strange hunks of material that where neither stone nor wood. You collected a few in your boat and continued travelling in the direction where the storm used to be. The debris became more frequent as you traveled forward until you eventually saw something splashing in the water in the distance. You headed that way to investigate and the splashing stopped. You noticed what appeared to be the body of a humanoid sinking beneath the water surface. You jumped in and pulled the body from the water into the boat.

The unconscious creature wasn’t like anything you’ve never seen before. It had a body structure similar to yours, but no scales nor tail. Instead, its skin was smooth and pale and it was far thinner that lizardfolk. It didn’t have a lizardfolk face, but a flat face with a small nose and long, pointy ears and smooth features. It was still breathing, but unconscious. Unsure of what to make of this creature, you didn’t try to rouse it, but kept an eye on it as you traveled further toward the storm that was no longer there.

After a few more hours of wandering the still waters and clearing skies. Your sharp eyes spot three more humanoids floating on a piece of debris in the water and you head over to investigate…

And through all of this, the crocodile eye has remained closed.


Ur-Delth Sebos