The home island of Wrusk.

Rut’Thrusk is roughly 100 miles long and 25 miles wide at its widest point. A strong ocean current runs from the west to the east with constant winds of 70 MPH (and gusts much higher) blowing the opposite direction from the east to the west. This makes maritime travel other than in the direction of the current impossible. The island is constantly sprinkled with ocean mists kicked up by the winds providing salty swamps (think mangrove swamps and bay estuaries) dotting the island. The vegetation in low, nearly devoid of leaves, and thorny, making it difficult to move through. If there is a sun or are stars in the sky, you wouldn’t know. Thick green clouds moving in the direction of the wind ensures the sky shifts from nearly dark in the day to pitch black at night.

Rut’Thrusk has changed over the generations. First, the currents and the winds have grown steadily stronger, and their rate of increase has grown exponentially over the past 20 years or so. Stories say in generations past the land used to be much larger, but the winds and currents have eroded the shores with large chunks of land being carried away into the current, leaving steep cliffs on all sides of Rut’Thrsuk.

To the north of Rut’Thrusk in the ocean is an omnipresent lightning storm. Flashes of purple lightning constantly illuminate the greenish clouds to the north. It appears that over the generations, the storm has moved closer to the island. Maybe there is a connection between the increasing winds and ocean current and the storm growing ever closer to Rut’Thrusk.

Fauna is scarce on Rut’Thrusk. Hunters, especially very skilled ones, are given high status in the tribe. However, as of late, even the small masses of tentacled aberrations that squirm in your palm have become extremely difficult to find. All the other tribes of lizardfolk died out long ago… maybe even from cannibalism.


Ur-Delth Sebos