Player Information

This information refers to character creation and expectations as it refers to this campaign setting.

For general guidelines and general gaming etiquette, please see Table Rules.

For specific house game rules, please see House Rules.

Ur-Delth is a shattered, post-apocalyptic world. Imagine something like the Eberron setting thousands of years after a great apocalypse. The lands are littered with technology that nobody has the knowledge to use or repair.

There are no large settlements of the intelligent races, as aberrant creatures and undead are a constant threat and attack mercilessly. Most former cities are now crawling with these creatures, as well as evil humanoids and their demonic overlords.

The sky shifts from the total darkness of night without moon or stars, to a dim green light during the day with high clouds constantly moving in the winds that race toward the west.

Keep this all in mind as you create your characters.

Classes, Races, Alignment
There are no restrictions on which classes and races you can play other than they must come for an official Wizard’s hardback. Unearthed Arcana may be permitted on rare occasions, but must be preapproved by the DM.

Other than mentioned above, I don’t have any foreseeable restrictions on backgrounds, themes, etc. as far as mechanics are concerned. However, I reserve the right to ask you to come up with a plausible character history or narrative if what you choose doesn’t fit neatly into the setting. For example, there is only one God, and he doesn’t answer prayers, so a divine character would need a strong story to be in play.

As far as alignment goes, no chaotic evil characters will be allowed. Group cooperation will be necessary.

Character History
I would a like a history from each character. It doesn’t need to be elaborate.

You will have a hand in creating the world of Ur-Delth and provide me with story arc ideas for your character.

When creating your character, think about what they want. What drives them to go forward in such a hostile world? What do they hope to gain and why?

Mundane Items
Characters will start with the standard allotment of funds for equipment.

Metallurgy is not practiced on a large scale. Characters may have metal weapons and armor, but any metallic starting equipment will be ancient and/or salvaged.

Most weapons and armor are made of alternative materials, including wood, stone and animal parts (hide, bones, etc.). You can be creative with this.

Magic Items
Magic items are extremely rare. Civilization has collapsed, so there is nobody around with enough resources and power to create magic items. Magic items found are of ancient origin and are cherished by those that wield them. Potions, alchemical items and scrolls are more common, since there are some beings around that can create these items.

But keep in mind that this is all relative. Considering that there just aren’t that many beings around, you’re definitely not going to find a shop to go into where shelves are lined with potions, scrolls and alchemical items.

However, your characters will receive some magic items as the game progresses, and I encourage you to tell me what sort of items you would like to have. But items will be found rarely and usually be spectacular items with multiple powers.

Player Information

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