A rumored cavern settlement of intelligent races in southern Ur-Delth.

There are two entries. A sinkhole that leads down into the entry chamber, which is the main land entry. There is another entry down the cliffs that is used to get down to the stone beach for fishing. It is much more dangerous to get to, unless you are coming up from the sea.

“The gates of fence open to reveal a wide staircase leading down about 10 feet down into the first level of a large sinkhole. Eerie blue lights emanate from strange blobs placed in sconces throughout the sinkhole creating deep shadow on the far side of the sink and in the many wall crannies. You hear the unfamiliar and thunderous sounds of waves crashing to shore in the distance and the smell of salt water permeates your nostrils. The ground of the sinkhole is muddy with kelp strewn down. While slightly slippery, it does not impede your movement. You notice the fence completely surrounds the sinkhole, preventing you from seeing what lies beyond it. There is another staircase that descends 15 feet into a lower level of the sinkhole. Tents and stalls are set up throughout the sinkhole.”

Being raided by Sahuagin. In addition, their priestess, Nathairue was killed by Eki in a night of chaos. Blame was put on the Sahuagin.

Merrill located three hour walk from here.


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