DEAD. A large goliath that claims to have a direct link to Amenoth. Wears a hide mask covering his mouth and speaks only through telepathic means. He leads the Circle of Silence.

He spoke during the Blank God’s Blessing Day in Osmarren and was interrupted several times by Gin who wore Krallak’s Ring of Mind Shielding and shouted that he couldn’t hear Ormak. He was asked to be quiet by followers. During a private meeting, Gin revealed that he too had telepathic abilities.

Here is Ormaks’s speech:

" Listen and live … We are not alone here on Ur-Delth. The Blank God is always with us. He always has been and he always will be. He is the only one left that believes in us. The only one that believes we are worthy of the paradise stripped from us. But you have been lied to by those before me that claim to know the will of Amenoth. Yes, he does not hear our words. Yes, he does not answer our cries for help. Words and cries have no meaning to him. But he does know our thoughts. He does know our minds. And he does know our spirits. And he is our judge. No matter what words we say, no matter what we do in our lives to regain the humility needed for the Blank God to deem us worthy of approval, he can see deep into each of us. He knows if a man that helps another secretly covets that man’s wife. He knows if a woman that that speaks kind to another secretly despises that woman. Festivals, loud praise and revelry will not awaken the Blank God. Amenoth is already awake. He always has been. Your Blank God’s Blessing Day is a farce. A lie all the others before me have been telling you. A lie that has kept Ur-Delth from regaining Amenoth’s blessing. If you truly want the Blank God to hear you, you must embrace his silence. You must clear your thoughts and your spirit from the darkness of Ur-Delth. You must accept the way of The Blank God’s Voice. We begin today. On this new Blessing Day. You should not participate in festivities. You should not participate in loud revelry. You should all spend the day in contemplation. Looking inward. Asking yourselves… are you truly following a path of humility worthy of The Blank God’s Blessing? Are you contributing to the return of the God’s to Ur-Delth? Or are you keeping them away? Because if you are repulsive to Amenoth, you are repulsive to the other God’s, repulsive to me and everybody else around you. Listen and live… it will be a new day soon on Ur-Delth. Whether you witness it or not is your choice. I am Ormak, The Blank God’s Voice, and I am done speaking."

Group found him in a cave and killed him. Discovered he was basically a charlatan that come from the Mourntin Bogs. From a cave in a mound with a dead tree on top of it.


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