Ode to Mind Flayers

Ode to Mind Flayers
Ancient Okami Traditional (Brad Foreman)

They call it the Illithid,
White eyes and a face of a squid,

It hungers for the mind,
And a little girl it does find,

Her face in its tentacles wrapped,
She takes a painful deep, deep nap,

Her head in its gapping maw,
It sucks her brains out with a straw,

Suck, suck, suck, are the last sounds she hears,
Guck, guck, guck, as her mind seeps out of her ears,

Still not satisfied with its brain food meal,
It looks around for more brains to steal,

So run away hard with your tiny little feet,
Lest it finds your brain next to eat.

Ode to Mind Flayers

Ur-Delth Sebos