DECEASED – Killed when spire exploded.

A crazy Halfling male that lives west of Osmarren on the beach. Has a walker that he uses for travel. Says he has proof of lands beyond Ur-Delth and has been trying to recruit people to take to the The Serpent with him.

Creates constructs and alchemy. uses a four-legged walker to get around.

Met the group and showed them a strange branch with blooms, as well as a small construct of some sort as proof of land beyond Ur-Delth.

Informed them that the Sahuagin lair on a ship stuck on a sandbar in The Serpent and that they have a new leader. He has a pinnace that requires a binding disc that can be salvaged from the ship.

The group agreed to get the binder disc and rout the Sahuagin. Rein borrowed the walker to traverse The Serpent with the rest of the group in a boat tied to it.

 Says he has proof of lands beyond Ur-Delth and has been trying to recruit people to take The Serpent with him. Sent out clockwork fliers and two returned. One with a branch with berries and another with a flower bloom. Took them three weeks to return.
 Has scroll to summon an elemental, but requires a binding disc from the wreckage stranded out on a bar in the ocean. He will use it to power his elemental pinnace against the Serpent’s current.
 Wants group to help him travel the seas in the small boat.
 Has all of his wares and other stuff down in the sinkhole.
 Got info from old books he’s gotten from traders in osmarren. There’s names of lands like Selz, Pyrenesse, Delthrand and others!

Got the binder discs from group. They convinced him to wait three weeks to find out where they need to go, as Gin sent Malum to follow one of his fliers.

Located three hours from Osmarren on foot.

o Feeds them roasted sea snails, crab broth with kelp. Actually pretty good.
o Uses ropes and levers to get into sink where his crazy lab and stuff is located.


Ur-Delth Sebos