Gin‘s familiar. Summoned after he read Amathar’s Chronicles of Umbra.

A strange creature that resembles a gaunt cat. It has six bony legs with gnarly clawed paws. Its ears are long and straight, but tiny spindles, in single file, run down the back of each ear. There are four tentacles attached to its shoulder blades that have a greenish glow to them and are wrapped around the creature’s body and legs. Its eyes are a moving whirlwind of fiery and intense ember-colored flames with smoke issuing from them. Its body is coated in dark silver, cycloid scales, similar to that of a fish. Between the breaks and underneath the scales, a fiery glow radiates forth that becomes more pronounced when the creature moves its body. On the scales is a slight residue of strange clear-colored goo.

No longer has tentacles. Now has wings.

Taken the form of a shrike.

Refers to Gin as Gatekeeper.


Ur-Delth Sebos