Journal of Master Krallak

A journal written by Krallak found in the Starwind Monastery. Written in ancient Ur-Delthan. Explains about the Starwind Monastery, but more secrets are yet to be revealed.

Later entries tell the tale of a purple light that appears in the sky getting larger. They finally realize that it is some sort of object. They call is a Heaven Rock. They seem very excited about it. They think it’s a celestial sign and have calculated where it is going to land. 65.16/-0.57. On the last entry it says that it will be landing the next day. The sky is bright purple. People are rejoicing and preparing themselves for rapture, but the author seems concerned because he’s noticed that the object shows no sign of slowing and he believes he has seen horrible winged creatures flying around it. Written by a Master Krallak.

‘I saw a new white dot in the sky tonight. I swear it wasn’t there before. I have no record of it in any of my maps or catalogues. It is not much bigger than the tip of a pin. It must be a new star and nothing more. Peculiar, but nothing of profound note. I’m sure Ardamus would find it interesting. I recorded the finding and shuffled it away.’

Four months later:

‘Tonight, I noticed that odd dot I had discovered four months ago has a subtle purple hue around the circumference. I do not think it to be a star anymore. A meteor or a comet? It has captured my attention now.’

Three months later:

‘That same dot has grown ten times its original size now. Incredible! It now glows purple! Purple! It’s a purple meteor! My brothers and I have never seen anything like it before and none of our records have anything similar to it. What a time to be alive.’

The journal skips to two months later:

‘Each day that damn purple rock has grown ever larger. I am convinced it is heading towards us, like a speeding arrow in the night. Ardamus disagrees and believes it to be a simple comet that will pass by us like a gentle wind. The common people are starting to create religious ideas about the purple rock, forming pockets of cults and sects all across the land. They believe it to be a blessed omen from the gods to bring in a new age of prosperity and wealth. I am not convinced. Truth be told, I am beginning to be disturbed by the rock.’

A month later:

‘Something is wrong. No. Everything is wrong. The people have given the purple rock a name: the Heaven Rock. To them, it is not just an omen anymore, but the hand of the gods in physical form, coming to bring everyone eternal life, or some such rabble. It’s nonsense, all of it. Even my brothers are now caught up in the fervor. People are giving their wealth and homes away, and living in mud huts to sanctify their bodies with nature. Some people have formed flagellation cults, whipping and piercing themselves on sensitive parts of their bodies to experience their last moments of pain in life. And others have formed cults of sexual debauchery the likes of which I do not want to recall. The world has gone mad and that damn Heaven Rock comes ever closer. It is almost as big as the moon. How can it move as such speed? Less than half a year ago, it was only a tiny dot.’

A week later:

‘My brothers are calling me a heretic. Why? Because I question the Heaven Rock and the sanity of the people’s behavior? One of my brothers, who still likes me, told me that a few mayors and lords are petitioning to the king to have me executed. What madness? What have I done except pose a contrary question to their belief? The sky is purple now.’

The last entry recorded no date:

‘We are all in danger. The Heaven Rock is not a blessing or eternal life. It is death and I cannot convince anyone. It is not slowing down. My brothers refuse to look through the telescope to see what I see. They think me a heretic and blasphemer. I have sinned by looking at the Heaven Rock with my sinful telescope. If it was not for Forshenill, I would be dead by now; hanged and my entrails wrapped around a tree. (Forshenill does not believe as the others do, but he is not as vocal about it as I am. I told him he should leave the monastery as soon as possible and find somewhere safe, before the Heaven Rock arrives.) To appease the gods and the Heaven Rock, my monk brothers have decided to break apart the telescope. It is almost worse than death. They have locked me in the observation tower with the broken remains of my life project, and I am helpless to stop them. But I fear it is all meaningless now. What I saw…. What were those flying horrifying monsters around the rock? The Heaven Rock will hit Delthrand in two days. I believe the coordinates will be 65.16/-0.57, between Syrill and Pyrenesse.’

Journal of Master Krallak

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