Hengeyokai: shapeshifters that hail from Aurora.

Ability Score Increase: +2 Dex and either +1 Wis or Cha

Speed: 35ft

Languages: Common +1

Height: 4’10-5’6

Weight: 100-140lbs

Animal Form: You have a choice of animal forms, and each gives you proficiency in a skill
Badger (Endurance)
Carp (Endurance)
Cat (Acrobatics)
Crab (Intimidate)
Crane (Nature)
Dog (Insight)
Fox (Stealth)
Hare (Acrobatics)
Monkey (Acrobatics)
Raccoon Dog (Stealth)
Rat (Sleight of Hand)
Sparrow (Perception)

Elusive: you gain plus +1 to your dexterity saving throws

Multiple Types: You count as fey, magical beast and shapechanger for spells and effects

Language of Beasts: When in animal or hybrid form you can communicate with natural and fey beasts with the same, or similar forms.

Nature’s Mask:
Effect: You change into your human, Tiny animal, or hybrid form as an action. The new form lasts until you change forms again. While you are in human or animal form, other creatures can attempt to discern your true nature by making an Insight check opposed by your deception check; you gain a +2 bonus to your check.

None of your game statistics change in human or hybrid form. While in animal form, you cannot use any attack powers, although you can sustain such powers. Your equipment becomes part of the form, and you continue to gain the benefits of the equipment you wear, except for shields and item powers. While equipment is part of the form, it cannot be removed, and anything in a container that is part of the form is inaccessible. You otherwise retain your game statistics.

You gain a movement benefit based on your form.
Badger: You gain a burrow speed equal to half your speed, but you cannot burrow through solid stone.
Carp, Crab: You gain a swim speed equal to your speed, and then your land speed becomes 5. You can breathe underwater.
Cat, Monkey, Raccoon Dog, Rat: You gain a climb speed equal to your speed.
Crane, Sparrow: Your land speed becomes 5, and you gain a fly speed of 5 + half your speed.
Dog, Fox, Hare: Your speed increases by 10.

Different members of the race take the form of various animals and this in turn determines their place in Auroran society.

Badger – Warriors and manual labourers
Carp – Fisherman
Cat – Hunters and spies
Crab – Navel Guards
Crane – Leaders and aristocrats
Dog – Farmers, general labourers
Fox – Mages
Hare – Entertainers
Monkey – Merchants
Racoon Dog – Social and health workers
Rat – Scavengers and maintainers of the sewer system
Sparrow – Air force

When Hengeyokai leave Aurora they do so in human form as it is forbidden to reveal the existence of Aurora to outsiders.


Ur-Delth Sebos