Domtoch Kreeg, tribe

Primitive elves that live among the rocks of a land known as Domtoch Kreeg. Their pinnacle is 630 feet tall. Led by Si Matuk.

Speak a very varied form of elvish, very few words can be understood. They are scratching out a living in Domtoch Kreeg on a village on a pinnacle. They are preyed upon by several creatures, but mostly fear the Tosculi that attack them. Use Glide Wings to get around if needed, although the gliders are difficult to make and can break, so there aren’t many glider pilots. If one of them succumbs to Vod Sickness, they are placed on the top of the pinnacle and are picked up by Vod, never to be heard from again.

Pigment painting in their meeting Pod shows a variety of scenes painted with crude forms and pigments. Many have been painting over each other, layer upon layers, and you can tell some are much older than others. Most of them are painting of simple family life. There are hunting parties attacking large birds. Battles with strange creatures, including quite a few with the Tosculi. You note there are some that appear to be portraits of Si Matuk. Some are of tall figure in armor and elaborate helm riding a dragon. The rider has pointed ears that look possibly elven. The dragon has a curved spike at the tip of its tail and only has back legs and wings, no front legs typical of dragons. Mostly covered over by other paintings, you notice one where a female elf woman bows before Vod with one hand resting on her head and the other raised as if he was taking an oath.

Believe that the group killed Vod and Si Matuk. Tried to chase group down.

Domtoch Kreeg, tribe

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