Domtoch Kreeg, location

A strange land the group discovered after traversing The Serpent

Light: Brighter than Standard Ur-Delth (120’), Dim Ur-Delth
Noise: Waves, water, the lively whistling of birds, the chittering of insects and the chattering of creatures you’ve never heard
Smell: Salt Smell, more humidity in this area
Terrain: Looming from the mists in front of you are large rock formations. They look like giant knife blades thrusting up and out of sight into the mists above. Their edges are jagged and look razor sharp. The water of the serpent winds its way between the formations. Vegetation like you’ve never seen grows among the cracks and pockets on many of the formations. These are called pinnacles and between them are grikes. They rise 500-800 feet high. In crags there are birds, animals and vegetation, however upon closer inspection, they note that they many appear sick or warped. Some have open sores, strange growths and some even appear to have extra appendages. All flee upon your approach.

Home of a tribe also called the Domtoch Kreeg. The pinnacle of their tribe is 630 feet high,

It appears the Domtoch Kreeg is the site of the Doomtooth Crags.

Domtoch Kreeg, location

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