Daciana was the first of the Okami Clan and mother to all in the family. She was the one to open the doorway between this reality and where the ancient entity exists for the Sentinels of the Umbra. She was the first to establish the bond, learn of its great and horrific secrets, and discovered its single weakness.

Her story is related in a song called Daciana’s Lost and goes thus:

Long ago, when the world was still young and the races of all Men lived in peace and prosperity, Daciana fell in love with a son of an empress. This empress, Gina Kiyomi Okami, ruled over the lands of all the races. She was kind, benevolent, and wise in all her decisions. All the people loved her and sought her counsel in all things, and the lands lived in serenity and harmony. But when it came to her son, she was jealous, possessive, and manipulative. Few people ever saw him as she kept him behind closed doors. She would tell Hideaki that his seclusion was for his protection. He was a sick young man, plagued with white skin, shortness of breath, bloody eyes, and seizures. Only strange robed men were allowed to see Hideaki. They would give the young man drugs and incense every night, claiming that it would cure him as he grew older.

It was not until a young, beautiful, servant girl named Daciana, a daughter of the royal guard, who, on a random night, accidently snuck into his private bedchambers, that Hideaki began to realize how ignorant he was of the world around him. She was full of life, energy, curiosity, and happiness. The two were just friends at first, agreeing to meet in private to play games, sneak wine and cake, and to talk of all things long into the night. Hideaki loved to hear this young servant girl’s voice, especially when she sang for him. For her song calmed him in ways none of the drugs or incense could and he began to doubt his mother and robed men.

As time went on, the two young friends began to fall in love. Hideaki fell in love with Daciana’s innocence, joy, energy, and courage. She, in turn, fell in love with his wisdom, his intelligence, and his humorous wit. One night, the two snuck out of the palace, found a wandering priest in the city and secretly married. That night, the moon shone bright with not a cloud in the sky and a golden dragon was seen flying above the city – a sign of good fortune and blessing.

In her benevolent greatness, Gina Kiyomi Okami had a great weakness – she sought immortality by any means. There was a reason why Gina had no husband or suitors, and why Hideaki never knew his father. For Gina conceived her son in an unholy union with the being of the Umbra and raised him to be a sacrificial lamb at the altar of the Umbra. In turn, the Umbra would grant Gina eternal life and power over all the worlds.

So, one night when the moon and stars turned black and the winds stilled in the night and all the beasts of the land sat in silence, Gina Kiyomi Okami, with her robed men, abducted her son and tied him to the altar to be slaughtered in sacrifice to the great Umbra. But, unbeknownst to Gina or Hideaki, Daciana snuck into the palace, as she always did, but this time to surprise her secret husband of wonderful news. But she quickly realized all was not as it should be.

Daciana took up her sword and shield and sought her husband, lover, and friend. Down in the depths of forgotten tunnels of the palace, she found the empress and the robed men in the middle of their dark and evil ritual. She leapt in the midst of them, swinging her sword with great fury. Nothing mattered to her except to rescue her beloved. The battle was fierce. The robed men cast magical fires and lights down upon Daciana, but that would not stop her. They summoned horrifying demons and devils, even opened the earth at her feet to a portal of a different world, but that would not stop her. And when all the robed men were dead, Daciana stood face-to-face with the empress. She held the dagger, named Intuneric Eternal, high above Hideaki and and then forced it downward, piercing his heart.

Daciana rushed to her lover, but it was too late. The Umbra had taken hold of Hideaki and he had transformed into the dark force of beyond. Gina controlled her Umbra-induced son and forced the two lovers to fight. Daciana was no match against the new creation. The creature beat and thrashed the young servant girl without mercy. Daciana was near death and the creature was close to killing her.

As Hideaki rose to strike her down with the finishing blow, Daciana whispered a single phrase that only reached the ears of her husband. The creature froze and the empress screamed for it to kill Daciana. But it would not move. Daciana looked up and saw the eyes of her lover one last time and heard his voice: “Kill me,” he said as his chest opened to expose his black heart. “Kill me now and live, and know that my love will always be with you. Do it now before I lose control again!”

With those words, through tears, Daciana thrust her sword through the heart of her lover. She howled with such sorrow and pain, that the Umbra took notice. A black doorway with tentacles oozing out of its darkness, opened behind the empress. In Daciana’s mind, she heard her secret husband’s voice once more, “Send her through and finish it.” And with a yell of vengeance, she leapt at the empress and shoved her through the dark doorway to the Umbra.


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