Eki hails from here.

At the very far north of Ur-Delth lies the hidden city of Aurora. It is situated so far north it is almost at the very top of the world amidst the freezing tundra of the north-pole. It survives here due to an ancient pagoda which is crowned with a magic device known as the Eye of Refuge. This is maintained by the mages of Aurora and it projects a weather changing aura over the city and its surrounding area which gives it a warmer, more temperate climate that allows easy living and the growing of crops.

The city is populated by the Hengeyokai, an almost forgotten race of shapeshifters who’s natural form combines animal and human features.

When Hengeyokai leave Aurora they do so in human form as it is forbidden to reveal the existence of Aurora to outsiders. The city maintains a strong military due to the abundance of demi-humans who seem to thrive in the cold weather outside of the reach of the Eye of Refuge.


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