Amathar's Chronicles of Umbra

A book that Gin found in an ancient library. Here’s what happened when he read it…

You notice that one of the pages has a leather strap as a book mark. As you begin reading the page you quickly realize that the text is describing the events that occurred during your bonding ritual. It mentions your grandfather’s name, and even directly names you.

You see Gin stand up and without a word leaves the room with the book in his hands. He goes into the library, pushes aside the tables, chairs, and other debris to create a clearing and places the book on the ground. With black chalk from his spell component sack, he draws a large circle on the ground. Then he draws unfamiliar symbols and runes along the outside of the circle. They are unpleasant to look at and feel disturbing to anyone who looks at them for very long. As he draws, he whispers something inaudible. To those who listen, even though they may not understand what he is saying, it brings a chill of discomfort.

Once completed, Gin takes off all of his clothes and walks to the center of his circle. For several minutes, he stands there, motionless, as if frozen in time. Then he bows his head low and, again, begins to mutter in his strange tongue. As each minute passes, his voice comes louder and louder as the smoke that issues from his eyes intensifies.
Suddenly, his head snaps forward and he screams out the last phrases of his peculiar language. Fire erupts from his eyes and a cylinder of smoke bellows out from his gaping mouth.

The smoke slithers around the circle as if it is alive. Once it engulfs the circle, smoke stops coming forth from Gin’s mouth and the fire from his eyes retracts back into his sockets. The symbols around the outside of the circle erupt in flames.

Gin pulls his head back straight. For out of nowhere, Gin holds a bizarre knife in his right hand. It’s black and twisted with dancing flame on the blade. Again he begins to speak in an odd language, this time different from before. It is as if he is talking backwards in a language never before heard from moral ears.

As Gin speaks, with the dagger in his right hand, he slowly begins to slice deeply into his chest and arm. At first the wounds look random, but the more he slices at himself, the more a design takes form on his body. He does not react to his self-mutilation but continues to speak his alien tongue.

With his left hand, Gin pools his own blood and flicks it across the ground within the circle. Not a single drop exits the circle. Again, like the wounds on his body, the blood that falls to the ground at first looks like random placement, but as more blood gathers on the floor, alien designs and symbols begin to take shape.

Once the entire inner circle is completely covered with the alien designs made by blood, Gin holds the dagger with both hands, high above his head, the dagger pointed downwards. His face looks wild and crazy. He shouts one last phrase in his strange language and then stabs the ground with the dagger.

The earth shakes and there is a hissing and clicking sound all around. The air is bitterly cold and biting. The flames around the circle intensify and the ground within the circle has disappeared and turned into a void of nothingness. Only Gin, his dagger, and the blood symbols remain.

For a moment, the blood within the circle boils and bubbles. Gin is completely motionless, frozen in whatever trance he has put himself in. Then, like a funnel, the blood begins to gather and slither toward the center, toward the dagger. The dagger absorbs the blood, and once the blood has all been absorbed, the dagger is enveloped into the darkness.

When the dagger disappears, a column of fire erupts from the darkness, in front of Gin. He looks terrified. The column of fire slowly rips open like a curtain. Without warning, everything is enveloped in magical darkness. There is a deafening inhuman laughter that echoes throughout the chamber. Gin lets out a bloodcurdling scream. All then goes silent.
A few seconds later, the darkness disappears. The flames, the drawn circle, and strange symbols are all gone. There is no dagger or blood on the ground. The clearing looks as if nothing has happened. Yet, in the center, Gin lies nude and unconscious. Standing next to him is Malum.

Amathar's Chronicles of Umbra

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