Welcome to Rut'Thrusk

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Vulen Dormys and Wrusk continued sailing toward Rut’Thrusk through the night. Morning broke with grey clouds and drizzling weather as the heroes tended their wounds and prepared to reach land. They arrived at the 30 foot high cliffs of Rut’Thrusk and made the perilous journey to the island’s swamp-filled interior.

As the companions marched through the muck, three swamp creatures emerged to defend their territory. Gin quickly enshrouded himself and his allies in darkness, but the elemental creatures were able to detect them by movement alone. Vulen cast a thunderball, wounded two of them, and then transformed into a tyrannosaurus rex to continue the battle. The large elementals were able to slam Gin and Vulen, severely hurting the spellcasters. They both used their powers to teleport to safety.

Meanwhile, Tamar stood right next to the foes, swinging Solemn in wide arcs and using the power of Surrel with devastating effect. As the last swamp elemental fell, two lizardfolk mounted on giant lizards appeared. They spoke in an unknown language with Wrusk and then departed. Wrusk explained the duo were watching the battle to see how strong they were and to determine if they were food.

Though tired and in pain, the heroes trudged toward the Dithroc village…

Aberration Trivia

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Wrusk and Vulen Dormys continued their battle against an eel spider and its shape-changed human companion aboard Wrusk’s small ship, Siv’Unru. Tamar ignited the holy fire of Solemn and attacked the human as it hunted for Gin, severely wounding the creature.

Gin teleported to the deck of the ship, used his tentacled staff to assault the eel spider, and then again slipped off the side of the deck using his spider slippers. Recognizing it was in danger, the eel spider teleported to the top of the ship’s mast. But the height was no match for Gin’s eldritch blast which struck and killed the creature.

Meanwhile, Vulen used his magical Bigby’s hand to capture the human warrior. The enemy struggled to escape, but Vulen commanded the hand to crush the human to death. Once dead, the human changed into its true horrific form… a gray toad-like creature with large claws.

A search of the bodies turned up strange tools, a grey gem and a purple crystal sphere that resembled Vulen’s black sphere, as well as other spheres Craven and Tamar had seen throughout their recent adventures. Close inspection revealed that both spheres included strange inscriptions, one of which Vulen remembered seeing on the outside of the Heaven Rock spire.

Craven and Vulen both used their magic powers to glean answers to the many questions the heroes had regarding their situation. They determined that the grey toad creature actually worked as a slave for the eel spider, the eel spider was from the spire that recently exploded, and that it wanted to go to Rut’Thrusk as a safe place to kill Gin.

In addition, they found that there were no more spires on Delthrand, there was no danger to RutThrusk from the exploded spire, and that the crystals contained some type of information, but required specific arcane machines for their use.

With many more questions to be answered, Wrusk sailed his ship toward home…

Who's In Control?

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Wrusk and Vulen Dormys continued their conversation with Fandar Garren, a human drifter, and Vissith, an eel spider. Vissith acted as an interpreter for the telepathic communications given by Master Garren. Vissith relayed the duo came from a desolate island called Rocky Place. They were on a small boat exploring since their island had become nearly uninhabitable. An explosion and huge wave caused their raft to capsize, leaving them stranded. They were grateful for the ride and asked if they could go along with the group to [[Rut’Thrusk]].

Further questioning by the group led to suspicions about their story and Vulen determined that Fandar was under some sort of transmutation magic. But with night coming on, the heroes decided to wait until the next day to inquire further.

The next morning, Tamar used her divine powers to discover that Fandar and Vissith were both aberrations and Vulen used his arcane knowledge to find that Fandar wanted to kill everybody on the boat, especially Vissith and Gin. With this information, the heroes finally confronted their new passengers.

Vissith insisted that despite their differences and apparent lack of trust, everybody on the boat could continue travelling in peace. However, further incriminations caused Vissith to spout vehemence towards Gin, calling him Daciana’s Kin.

At those words, Gin thrust his staff forth and Vissith yelled for Fandar to attack. Gin used his powers to teleport away from immediate danger and used the tentacles from his staff to immobilize Vissith. Fandar pushed past Tamar to get to Gin, but the half-orc managed to strike him with a thunderous blow as he ran by. Vulen teleported away from Fandor and created an arcane fist to bash Vissith, but he unfortunately missed.

Meanwhile, Gin blasted the eel spider once more before teleporting away from the oncoming Fandor. With his slippers of spider climbing, Gin managed to end up standing on the outer hull of the ship’s stern.

All the while, Wrusk ignored everything, kept his eyes on the horizon and sailed southeast toward his home…

Shared Stories

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Wrusk and Vulen Dormys continued their fight against the demonic vrocks that attacked their ship on the open oceans of Ur-Delth. One of vulture-like creatures sank below the waves thanks to Tamar’s god striking it with fear. The other vrock emitted a cloud of toxic spores to poison the heroes and then turned its attacks on the wizard to gain revenge.

Fortunately, Vulen survived the assault and cast a fireball at the beast, severely wounding it but also accidentally killing Malum. Wrusk turned his bow on the demon and with a sure shot, sent it into the abyss. Gin levitated the vrock’s dead derro rider into the boat and used his powers to question the corpse. He learned that the derro came from beyond the void of Omet-Arzuk and entered Materia near a place called K3R. According to the derro, K3R was located a vast distance through “the open” and could only be reached by sailing through the ether. The cryptic answers only served to raise additional questions.

As Wrusk piloted the ship toward his home island of Rut’Thrusk, the companions discussed their past experiences. They learned Vulen had been alive when the Heaven Rock landed and actually saw that it was not a rock at all, but a large mechanical tower. This meant they were centuries or millennia old and must have been placed in stasis like Digby, Crunchy and Shundara. With the seas now calm and the skies clearing, the companions assumed that what was once the Heaven Rock must have caused the destruction of Ur-Delth and that they had destroyed it.

Wrusk interrupted the conversation by pointing out two beings floating on a piece of debris in the water. The pair introduced themselves as Fandar Garren and Vissith. Fandar was only able to communicate telepathically and asked permission through Vissith if he could speak in their minds.

All agreed, except Gin, so Vissith continued to interpret Fandar’s thoughts and proceeded to explain how the duo ended up in the middle of the ocean…

Unwell Met

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, treaded water in the middle of a calm green ocean and peered toward a two-mile high spire jutting from the depths to the east. As they decided to explore the spire, purple lightning began dancing around its metallic exterior. Soon, dark smoke began billowing from it as it fell apart and flying creatures fled from the top. Suddenly, it exploded in a purple flash with shrapnel screaming through the air. The spire’s collapse caused a massive wave that tossed the heroes in the surf.

In the subsequent calm, Gin and Tamar found themselves alone, floating on a large piece of the debris. The spire and their companions were nowhere to be seen. Tamar spotted a body floating in the water and discovered Shundara dead with a piece of iron sunk into her head. Even with the terrible loss of their friends, they could hardly believe the beauty of the light in the sky settling in the east, something that neither had ever seen as the green clouds of Ur-Delth had always obscured the sky.

As they shivered in the water, they noticed a small sailing vessel approaching. The boat was piloted by a lizardfolk named Wrusk who allowed them onto his boat. On the deck of the boat was an unconscious elf named Vulen that choked and sputtered awake when they arrived. They had two tentacles attached to their back which caused Gin recoil. The warlock roughly questioned and examined the elf but only managed to scare them and offer no answers.

Meanwhile, Wrusk waved around a rod that had the closed eye of a crocodile at its tip. When asked about it, he indicated that the eye was supposed to open when he completed his quest to “destroy the storm-maker.” With the clear skies and lack of purple lightning he questioned why the eye was not open. Could it be that while the storm seemed to be somehow destroyed, the storm-maker was not?

The next morning, the sun shone again under an even clearer sky. The swift current and winds that Tamar, Gin and Wrusk knew were still absent. Vulen appeared to be in a much better state and had read their valuable books to regain power and energy. Seeing Tamar still upset over the loss of her friends Vulen offered magic to help. They were able to contact another plane to discover that Crunchy and Merrill were dead, while Digby’s status remained unknown.

Gin called for Master Krallak to speak with him, which Vulen found interesting. The wizard claimed to have known Krallak and was surprised to learn he had been dead for centuries. Krallak told Gin where lizardfolk roamed Delthrand, perhaps giving him some indication of their current location. Vulen also recognized the continent of Delthrand on the map, but before they could continue their conversation, two vrocks, mounted by derro riders, appeared to attack.

Vulen cast a thunderball which killed both derro and rocked the vrocks. Wrusk’s arrow and Gin’s eldritch blast continued wounding the flying demons. But one screeched loud enough to stun Gin and the other’s disease cloud poisoned Tamar and Vulen.

However, Tamar called upon Surrel to instill one with fear and cast it down into the water…

The Spire

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued their battle against the kuo-toa in the deep chambers of Tisthorrak’s lair. The summoned demonic piranha around the shaman kuo-toa made battling the amphibian difficult. So, the companions tried a variety of ranged spells to attack it as they maneuvered into better position.

Inside the air-filled dome in the center of the submerged chamber, they noticed another kuo-toa grabbing floating purple light orbs and placing them on an intellect devourer. The orbs would dissipate into the creature which was attached to strange machinery via two tubes on its underside. Grievously wounded, Gin used the power of the Umbra to raise dead aquatic men into zombies and ordered them to protect him as he moved closer to engage the kuo-toa.

Tamar teleported next to the shaman and struck some devastating blows, but the creature did not fall to her rage as the piranhas attacked her. Gin used telekinesis to force the shaman into the water and away from the dark machinery. The evil amphibian conjured a spectral trident that struck Gin, knocking him unconscious. Sensing the kuo-toa’s wounded state, Crunchy quickly swam to the shaman and used his shadow blade to kill the creature. The goblin then reached Gin and used his powerful healing potion to save his warlock friend. It was then that Crunchy noticed his skin had a layer of slime on it and had turned translucent.

Meanwhile, Digby used knowledge gained from his grandmother to banish the intellect devourer and the last kuo-toa to a demi-plane. With the creatures gone, Tamar called upon the power of her fire god to remove the disease from Crunchy. The heroes took up positions of attack and Digby brought their enemies back from the demi-plane. Their enemies could not withstand the onslaught and perished.

The companions tried to determine their next move as there appeared no exit from the chamber. Eventually Digby and Crunchy used mage hand to guide the remaining purple sphere to the tubes that were attached to the intellect devourer. The globe dissipated and the floor began to lower beneath them and water rushed into the area. The floor lowered enough to expose a tunnel that headed to the west.

With Crunchy leading, they swam out and surfaced into a wide ocean. Crunchy used his magic ring to climb on the water surface as his companions treaded in the salty water. There was no strong current and the relentless winds of Ur-Delth had retreated to a faint breeze. A mile to the east, a two-mile high spire jutted from the ocean. Above it was clear skies and the sun shone down.

The green clouds of Ur-Delth seemed to recede from the spire in a widening radius…

Breaching the Chamber

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, executed their entry plan into a submerged chamber where multiple mud creatures and glowing purple humanoid outlines stood guard. Crunchy entered first, using his Ring of Aquatics and natural speed to get by the creatures in an attempt to lure them away. A few did follow him, but most remained behind at the entrance.

The glowing outlines morphed into strange aquatic humanoids that could blink back into their purple outline form at will. The goblin rogue was able to evade his pursuers and examined the air-filled dome at the chamber’s center. Inside where three kuo-toa and a mass of strange machinery. He found he could penetrate the dome’s walls easily and threw his dagger at one of the kuo-toa. He missed and soon found himself surrounded by several more of the aquatic creatures. He quickly sped back to the entrance where his companions were busy with other enemies.

Gin, Tamar, Digby and Shundara fought against the mud mephits and aquatic creatures that stood at the entrance to the cavern. They all seemed to be targeting Gin, causing the warlock grave wounds. Tamar used her magic to shield Gin and heal some of his wounds and then turned her attacks on the foes. All of the nearby enemies were destroyed, but in the dome, a new menace appeared. One of the kuo-toa dropped to the ground, seemingly unconscious, and an intellect devourer appeared next to it.

A second kuo-toa grabbed one of the glowing globes inside the dome and the third conjured a swirling mass of demonic piranha…

Tamar's Plan

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, stood near the corpse of Tisthorrak as the aboleth gasped the answer to a final question put to it… The gate that brought forth Amenoth was opened by Omet-Arzuk with the aid of Illemketh.

None of the heroes had heard of the former, but Digby recognized the name of the latter as an ancient god of the sky and weather. He had seen the god’s symbol above the altar where he found the Horn of Craeborg. Even though they were exhausted, Gin pushed them to move forward into the submerged tunnel toward where they hoped to find Tisthorrak’s lair and possibly Intuneric Eternal.

They entered an air-filled chamber and came under attack by creatures that resembled stalactites. The roper grasped the companions and drew them toward it for a vicious bite. Smaller creatures dropped from the ceiling, randomly piercing the heroes. The beasts were slain, but not without difficulty and the near death of Gin.

Greatly fatigued, they took a rest to tend to their wounds and examine a few objects they had discovered. Malum explored the tunnel ahead and found it opened into an immense submerged cavern. In the middle of the cavern was a dome that held a large mechanical object with purple orbs floating around it. However, several creatures that appeared to be made of mud ambushed Malum, sending her back to the void.

Crunchy came up with an idea to send into the chamber and lead the ambushers out into terrain more favorable for battle. After much discussion, Tamar came up with a plan that exactly resembled Crunchy’s and they agreed to carry it out. Digby cast fly on Crunchy to aid his progress and the rogue slipped into the chamber.

The creatures attacked him, but they all missed. Crunchy fled away, but the mud blobs did not follow. Another plan was devised. This time, Crunchy would actually enter the chamber and lead the muddy monsters away from the opening while the others headed inside after him.

They all agreed and set the plan into motion…

The Fall of Tisthorrak

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued their fight against Garron the White and his minions in the temple of Tisthorrak. Crunchy threw a smoke grenade into the area but missed his target. He quickly fetched it from the water and placed it next to Garron.

The chamber filled with a thick smoke that made seeing into the area nearly impossible. However, the heroes did manage to eliminate all of their foes, except one kuo-toa that fled down a flooded tunnel in the back of the temple.

As their victory seemed complete, Tisthorrak appeared, this time in his true form. Tamar ignited Solemn and struck a devastating blow. Thanks to Gin’s Staff of the Umbra, Tisthorrak was unable to flee. Crunchy and Digby followed up with their own attacks against their enemy.

Gin used telekinesis to part the smoke and get a clear shot at the aboleth, delivering a fatal eldritch blast. As Crunchy scoured the chamber floor for treasure, the rest of the group came up with questions for Gin to ask Tisthorrak’s corpse.

Using his warlock powers, Gin discovered that Tisthorrak considered the monodrone they discovered earlier an enemy, that the aboleth arrived to Delthrand via Amenoth, that it was sent by the Umbra, and that the necrotic and arcane energy required to power the transporters could be found in its own lair.

Then Gin asked his final question, “Who opened the gate that brought forth Amenoth to our world?” And Tisthorrak answered, “Omet-Arzuk, Lord of the Umbra, with the aid of Illemketh…”

Listen and Live

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued to cautiously explore Tisthorrak’s lair. Crunchy silently indicated that there were several enemies in a submerged chamber ahead and urged the heroes to charge in and fight. The companions surged into the chamber and found a large statue of tentacles protruding from the floor.

They made quick work of the kuo-toa enemies, but Crunchy grew fearful of Shundara and fled into a dark corner. He eventually discovered two double doors with a strange spiral image carved into them. Fresh from battle, Tamar helped open the doors and Crunchy rushed through, still fearful of the githyanki warrior.

Inside the chamber were stairs that led from the water onto a platform above. The room was filled with enemies including several kuo-toa, two tentacled constructs, and an old human male in dirty, billowing white robes. All the heroes, with the exception of Gin who wore Krallak’s ring of mind shielding, heard a booming voice inside their minds: “Listen and live! Submit to the will of Amenoth! Be reborn in his image!” The group ignored any chance at parley and engaged in battle.

Crunchy moved throughout the chamber easily thanks to skill and magic, until his fear of Shundara passed. He was able to deliver deadly blows to enemies, but grew frustrated that despite his exceptional ability to hide, the creatures always seemed to know his location. The constructs were able to entrap both female warriors and the old human used powerful magic to force Tamar to attack Shundara.

Digby dragged Merrill, who was stunned from a psychic attack, into the chamber. The gnome recognized the old human from his childhood memories and stories. The man had once visited Yatellnor and called himself Garron the White, a prophet of Amenoth. However, Digby noticed that he now appeared undead.

Gin used telekinesis to raise Garron and drop him from the ceiling, breaking his hold on the half-orc paladin. But upon lifting the human, they noticed that where he should have legs, he had tentacle appendages. Tamar used her powers to teleport out of her tentacle restraints and assault the last kuo-toa.

And as Digby was about to unleash his next blast of magic, he suddenly fell unconscious to a psychic attack…


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