Breaching the Chamber

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, executed their entry plan into a submerged chamber where multiple mud creatures and glowing purple humanoid outlines stood guard. Crunchy entered first, using his Ring of Aquatics and natural speed to get by the creatures in an attempt to lure them away. A few did follow him, but most remained behind at the entrance.

The glowing outlines morphed into strange aquatic humanoids that could blink back into their purple outline form at will. The goblin rogue was able to evade his pursuers and examined the air-filled dome at the chamber’s center. Inside where three kuo-toa and a mass of strange machinery. He found he could penetrate the dome’s walls easily and threw his dagger at one of the kuo-toa. He missed and soon found himself surrounded by several more of the aquatic creatures. He quickly sped back to the entrance where his companions were busy with other enemies.

Gin, Tamar, Digby and Shundara fought against the mud mephits and aquatic creatures that stood at the entrance to the cavern. They all seemed to be targeting Gin, causing the warlock grave wounds. Tamar used her magic to shield Gin and heal some of his wounds and then turned her attacks on the foes. All of the nearby enemies were destroyed, but in the dome, a new menace appeared. One of the kuo-toa dropped to the ground, seemingly unconscious, and an intellect devourer appeared next to it.

A second kuo-toa grabbed one of the glowing globes inside the dome and the third conjured a swirling mass of demonic piranha…

Tamar's Plan

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, stood near the corpse of Tisthorrak as the aboleth gasped the answer to a final question put to it… The gate that brought forth Amenoth was opened by Omet-Arzuk with the aid of Illemketh.

None of the heroes had heard of the former, but Digby recognized the name of the latter as an ancient god of the sky and weather. He had seen the god’s symbol above the altar where he found the Horn of Craeborg. Even though they were exhausted, Gin pushed them to move forward into the submerged tunnel toward where they hoped to find Tisthorrak’s lair and possibly Intuneric Eternal.

They entered an air-filled chamber and came under attack by creatures that resembled stalactites. The roper grasped the companions and drew them toward it for a vicious bite. Smaller creatures dropped from the ceiling, randomly piercing the heroes. The beasts were slain, but not without difficulty and the near death of Gin.

Greatly fatigued, they took a rest to tend to their wounds and examine a few objects they had discovered. Malum explored the tunnel ahead and found it opened into an immense submerged cavern. In the middle of the cavern was a dome that held a large mechanical object with purple orbs floating around it. However, several creatures that appeared to be made of mud ambushed Malum, sending her back to the void.

Crunchy came up with an idea to send into the chamber and lead the ambushers out into terrain more favorable for battle. After much discussion, Tamar came up with a plan that exactly resembled Crunchy’s and they agreed to carry it out. Digby cast fly on Crunchy to aid his progress and the rogue slipped into the chamber.

The creatures attacked him, but they all missed. Crunchy fled away, but the mud blobs did not follow. Another plan was devised. This time, Crunchy would actually enter the chamber and lead the muddy monsters away from the opening while the others headed inside after him.

They all agreed and set the plan into motion…

The Fall of Tisthorrak

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued their fight against Garron the White and his minions in the temple of Tisthorrak. Crunchy threw a smoke grenade into the area but missed his target. He quickly fetched it from the water and placed it next to Garron.

The chamber filled with a thick smoke that made seeing into the area nearly impossible. However, the heroes did manage to eliminate all of their foes, except one kuo-toa that fled down a flooded tunnel in the back of the temple.

As their victory seemed complete, Tisthorrak appeared, this time in his true form. Tamar ignited Solemn and struck a devastating blow. Thanks to Gin’s Staff of the Umbra, Tisthorrak was unable to flee. Crunchy and Digby followed up with their own attacks against their enemy.

Gin used telekinesis to part the smoke and get a clear shot at the aboleth, delivering a fatal eldritch blast. As Crunchy scoured the chamber floor for treasure, the rest of the group came up with questions for Gin to ask Tisthorrak’s corpse.

Using his warlock powers, Gin discovered that Tisthorrak considered the monodrone they discovered earlier an enemy, that the aboleth arrived to Delthrand via Amenoth, that it was sent by the Umbra, and that the necrotic and arcane energy required to power the transporters could be found in its own lair.

Then Gin asked his final question, “Who opened the gate that brought forth Amenoth to our world?” And Tisthorrak answered, “Omet-Arzuk, Lord of the Umbra, with the aid of Illemketh…”

Listen and Live

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued to cautiously explore Tisthorrak’s lair. Crunchy silently indicated that there were several enemies in a submerged chamber ahead and urged the heroes to charge in and fight. The companions surged into the chamber and found a large statue of tentacles protruding from the floor.

They made quick work of the kuo-toa enemies, but Crunchy grew fearful of Shundara and fled into a dark corner. He eventually discovered two double doors with a strange spiral image carved into them. Fresh from battle, Tamar helped open the doors and Crunchy rushed through, still fearful of the githyanki warrior.

Inside the chamber were stairs that led from the water onto a platform above. The room was filled with enemies including several kuo-toa, two tentacled constructs, and an old human male in dirty, billowing white robes. All the heroes, with the exception of Gin who wore Krallak’s ring of mind shielding, heard a booming voice inside their minds: “Listen and live! Submit to the will of Amenoth! Be reborn in his image!” The group ignored any chance at parley and engaged in battle.

Crunchy moved throughout the chamber easily thanks to skill and magic, until his fear of Shundara passed. He was able to deliver deadly blows to enemies, but grew frustrated that despite his exceptional ability to hide, the creatures always seemed to know his location. The constructs were able to entrap both female warriors and the old human used powerful magic to force Tamar to attack Shundara.

Digby dragged Merrill, who was stunned from a psychic attack, into the chamber. The gnome recognized the old human from his childhood memories and stories. The man had once visited Yatellnor and called himself Garron the White, a prophet of Amenoth. However, Digby noticed that he now appeared undead.

Gin used telekinesis to raise Garron and drop him from the ceiling, breaking his hold on the half-orc paladin. But upon lifting the human, they noticed that where he should have legs, he had tentacle appendages. Tamar used her powers to teleport out of her tentacle restraints and assault the last kuo-toa.

And as Digby was about to unleash his next blast of magic, he suddenly fell unconscious to a psychic attack…

The Eternal Mineral

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, had just finished slaying an undead spellcaster and four-armed zombie gorilla when their phantom warrior guide threatened to attack. Tamar stepped forth to bear the brunt of its blade. She suspected Tisthorrak held sway over the ghost causing its aggression.

As the other companions tried to pin down the apparition, Crunchy explored two of the rooms, finding one to be filled with useless tools and metallic body parts, and the other containing gardening equipment. The goblin was then psychically assaulted by Tisthorrak and paralyzed by his own inward thoughts. The phantom warrior was eventually killed, and a slight slap broke Crunchy from his stupor. Tisthorrak again appeared to attack, but one blow from Tamar made the creature once again disappear.

The companions noticed that the green mist in the southern chamber was slowly seeping into the hallway. Gin thought that maybe the whirring blades in the back of the chamber were pumping the mist into the room. After attempting to reverse the blades in the flora chamber, Digby was able to use his magic to reverse the blades in the southern chamber and pump the mist out of the room. With the green fog cleared, they discovered a strange metallic spheroid creature restrained in a chair.

Tamar released the creature and it quietly walked out of the room and into the fauna chamber where it appeared to be looking for something. It eventually came upon a control panel in the room and began to randomly push and slam the buttons. Digby worried that the creature would destroy the controls but could not persuade it to stop. So, Crunchy walked up to it and with a single blow, killed it.

Digby and Merrill worked with the crystals they found in the mind flayer’s room and the control panels in an effort to glean more information about their surroundings. Digby found that each crystal fit into a specific control panel, but after a flash from each crystal, nothing else happened. Further exploration of the chambers revealed that some of the plants in the flora chamber were recognizable as unusually healthy specimens from Ur-Delth and Yatellnor.

Meanwhile, Gin used his powers to speak with the dead mechanical creature. He found it was called a monodrone and that its superiors had sent it to find a special mineral called Intuneric Eternal. Crunchy came under psychic attack yet again, this time manifested by uncontrollable laughter. Once his fit passed, the companions headed out to explore the rest of the cavern.

A submerged tunnel opened into a flooded chamber where several kuo-toa hid behind a large statue of tentacles rising from the floor…

Madness Descends

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued battling the chuuls that guarded a dark underwater chamber. One of the lobster aberrations tried to squeeze through the opening Crunchy created with his portal gun. Crunchy’s mage hand released the gun’s triggers, closing the portal on the creature. It thrashed in pain as it was forced through the opening. Badly injured, the beast was quickly dispensed.

They again used the portal gun to make another opening and were able to slay the last surviving chuul. During the battle, Tisthorrak again appeared. Tamar drank a potion of heroism and dove to fight the aboleth, but they found that once again, the creature disappeared once struck.

Their phantom guide urged them to head through a door to the south, but they disregarded the apparition and explored the door to the north. They entered a room with strange whorls engraved in the metallic walls and bizarre furnishings. Digby retrieved three crystal globes, one red, one blue, and one black. The crystals were labelled in a strange language, but they were able to discern the blue one read “Flora”, the black one read “Fauna” and the red one read “Results.” All the crystals were titled with “8M3-N0+H (Delthrand).”

Crunchy found some additional treasure in the room, including several platinum pieces. When Shundara asked for a share of the treasure, Crunchy felt compelled to give it over. She gave a few more commands for Crunchy, which he unwillingly complied with, and they realized he was under psychic attack by Tisthorrak. Enraged, Crunchy almost came to blows with Shundara, but both were eventually persuaded to calm down.

However, Crunchy held no love for Shundara and shared his feelings with Tamar, who also felt the githyanki was unlikable. They decided to rest the night in the room under the protection of Digby’s Tiny Hut.

The next morning, they explored the room to the south. Again, the phantom tried to lead them to a door at the end of the hallway, but instead they explored a room to the west that held rows of plants and trees. They then opened a room to the east and came under attack by an undead spell caster. As they engaged in battle, the door to the south opened and a four-armed zombie gorilla emerged to battle.

Both of the undead creatures were quickly destroyed as a green mist lazily wafted from the south…

Who Can You Trust?

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued fighting the armored water elementals in an underground chamber covered in a deep lake. As one of the elementals cowered at the bottom of lake in the presence of Tamar, the companions focused their attention on the other elemental that rose to do battle. The creature eventually succumbed to blade and spell, and soon the other met the same fate.

During the fight, Tisthorrak appeared, swimming around them in what seemed to be an attempt to gain advantage in battle. Digby tried to use his abilities to psychically attack the aboleth, only to have the beast disappear and the lingering effect of the spell fail. The companions suspected Tisthorrak either fled to another plane, or was an illusion.

Crunchy took revenge on the female kuo-toa that led them into the chamber, thinking she simply set them up for a trap. After killing her, he found an underwater door in the chamber. Using magic and skill, he managed to disarm the door’s trap and unlock it. At the water’s surface, Merrill suddenly tried to bash Digby over the head with his axe. Digby realized the halfling was under the influence of Tisthorrak and knocked him out.

With the submerged door open, the heroes swam through the flooded tunnel beyond. As the tunnel split, the phantom warrior that had been following them warned them to not go down the western tunnel. They complied with the warning and came to another submerged door. However, this door appeared to be metallic instead of stone.

After shaking off a psychic effect that made him speak only in incoherent babbles, Crunchy used mage hand to fire his new-found portal gun at the doors. On the other side of the doors were two lobster-like aberrations that immediately attacked.

The group retaliated and then moved away from the doors following Crunchy’s plan to lure the creatures through the portal in hopes of cutting one in half when the portal closed…

It's a Trap!

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, tried to find their way back to the Raven in order to escape the psychic infiltrations of Tisthorrak but found the portal lacking the arcane and necrotic energy needed to activate.

As they made their way to explore a northern passage, they noticed a phantom soldier floating in the chamber. Any attempts at communication failed, and the apparition made no threatening moves, so they continued on with the ghost trailing them.

Crunchy scouted ahead where he entered a rough chamber with a waterfall to the west, several web-footed, hairless dog creatures hiding on rocky beaches and several shabby yurts. He silently moved next to one of the dogs and burst from the water, killing it. He called for the others to join the fight, but by the time his companions made it to the action, he had nearly killed them all.

Tamar investigated the yurts on the beach and found they sheltered several female kuo-toa and their young. She did not harass the creatures, but gathered some bolas, a die and several gold coins strewn about the beach. Digby cast fly on himself, Tamar and Crunchy to allow them to easily explore the cavern walls in search of secret passages leading further into the lair.

Gin talked with the female kuo-toa, but the fish ladies refused to help him. In an abrupt change, one of the kuo-toa decided to lead them to Tisthorrak’s temple. The heroes suspected a trap, but grudgingly followed the slimy woman over the waterfall and into a large cavern with a deep underground lake covering the entire floor.

Digby cast a spell that allowed them all to breathe underwater as they dove down the falls. As they moved through the chamber, they noticed a disturbance below the water. Two armor-clad watery elementals rushed from the depths. Tamar called upon her fire god to instill fear into one of the elementals and Gin lashed out with his umbral eldritch blast.

But one of the creatures moved to strike Tamar with its trident, freezing her joints and muscles…

The Madness of Tisthorrak

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, fought valiantly against a horde of undead that stood guard in a slime-covered room. In hopes of cutting off the escape of a mind flayer they were pursuing, Crunchy headed down a side tunnel under the mucky green water. Tamar charged into the room and unleashed Solemn, cutting down the undead in her path. With Gin’s resurrected kuo-toa zombies blocking the exit and Digby blasting them with fire from afar, the zombies, wights and dread warriors found it difficult to mount an effective defense.

Tamar spotted the mind flayer fleeing the room and quickly struck a devastating blow on the creature. Crunchy burst forth from under the water to plunge his dagger in the tentacle-faced aberration, sending it to the afterworld. Crunchy searched the mind flayer and found another portal gun, similar to Digby’s, and possibly another trinket…

As they explored the area further, they all, with the exception of Gin, began having horrible mental visions. Crunchy’s vision caused him to believe Tamar was out to kill him and he fled the area. Another caused Digby to pass out unconscious. Gin quickly used his warlock powers to speak with the dead mind flayer. He gathered that the mind flayer was fleeing to its chambers and that there was a temple dedicated to Tisthorrak near. However, Gin remained dubious of the creature’s claims.

His madness lapsed, Crunchy found a controller on the wall near the undead chamber. Digby flipped the switch and the lights in the room turned on, putting himself, Merrill and Shundara in a trance. Tamar and Crunchy began destroying the lights until Gin calmly turned them off. With their search exhausted and the continual incursions into their psyche, the companons decided to head back to the entry portal and teleport to the safety of the Raven.

However, they discovered that the portal no longer had the arcane and necrotic power necessary to function…

Chasing the Brain Eater

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara decided that before trying to use the portal that they suspected a mind flayer used to escape them, they would explore beyond large double doors on the north wall. To their disappointment, the huge chamber appeared similar to one which they had previously explored with large portals and controls all appearing dead in the mucky floor.

The group decided to take a much-needed rest and Digby used his abilities to locate the mind flayer. He found it was about 500 feet from them, nearly straight down. Crunchy, still in the hold of The Raven, took the time to pry a few boards lose in the airship’s hull to create four murder holes for future use.

Rested and with The Raven secured, they activated the portal. They immediately came under attack by several kuo-toa, as well as a psychic blast from the mind flayer. In a panic, Digby transported them all back to the previous chamber. They quickly decided to head back to face their foe after Tamar revived Merrill who suffered gravely from the mind flayer’s assault.

The mind flayer was nowhere to be seen when they reactivated the portal, but Digby still had his magical ability to locate the creature. Crunchy dove into the murky green water that filled the room and sprung out to attack when one of the fish men walked by. They made quick work of the kuo-toa and decided to follow the mind flayer to the south.

Gin called on the Umbra to cause the dead fish creatures to rise as zombies and ordered them to join the hunt. Tamar noticed colored lights blinking from a chamber to the south. Closer inspection revealed the chamber walls were filled with blinking studs and lights similar to those on the cabinets. Inside were several undead standing entranced.

The lights turned off, shaking the undead from their stupor as Gin ordered his fish zombies to attack the new undead menace…


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