Fish Food

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein trudged through The Serpent on their way to a sand bar in the distance where a school of Sahuagin set up residence in an old stranded sailing vessel. During the journey, the group came under attack by Sahuagin guards that rose from the water and attempted to drag them from the small pinnace.

A disturbance in the water and a fin made them realize that sharks were also near to aid the devil fish. The Sahuagin were eventually able to pull Rein and Eki into the water. Rein used her druid powers to change into a giant toad and swim to aid her companions.

However, Eki immediately came under attack by several sharks and was eaten despite Tamar’s attempt to save him. Gin came to the realization that the battle was lost and used his magic to fly over the fray. He tried to reach out to pull Tamar from the water, but she refused to abandon her other allies.

And the current of The Serpent began to take hold…


Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein continued to catch their breath on the beach of Ur-Delth following a heated battle with a school of Sahuagin. Rein healed Badell and the rest of the group tended to their wounds before heading off again to find Merrill. As they approached where the hermit supposedly lived, a giant rusted metallic creature jumped from the cliff face. In a high shrill voice it screamed, “Go away! No Trespassing!” and began swinging its axe and hammer at the companions. The group was able to slowly chip away at the construct’s armor. But as the battle wore on, Gin shrouded the creature in magical darkness which gave Eki the opportunity to shut down the mechanical creature with a final fist punch.

The group then headed to the hidden entrance of Merrill’s cave. Eki went inside and found a boat floating in the cave river and Merrill riding on a mechanical walker. Frustrated with the seemingly crazy halfling, Eki turned over negotiations to Gin. They discovered that Merrill had proof of lands beyond Ur-Delth. He planned on using his pinnace to travel to these lands, but needed a binder disc in order to use an elemental to power the vessel. Unfortunately, they only known disc was held in a large ship trapped on a sand bar out in The Serpent where Sahuagin now laired. He also told them that a new Sahuagin Baron now led the school. Merrill asked the companions to help get the disc and join him on adventures to other lands.

Gin agreed to rout the Sahuagin as he promised Hannah Truebeard and also secure the binding disc. In order to traverse the swift current of The Serpent, Rein learned to drive Merrill’s walker after some trials. They then tied the pinnace to the walker. Gin, Tamar and Eki loaded into the boat and they entered The Serpent for the distant ship. As they moved away from the beach they heard Merrill shout, “Watch out for the sharks…”

Off to Save Osmarren

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein continued to investigate the turmoil surrounding the night’s events in the settlement of Osmarren. Gin begrudgingly accepted Eki’s denial of any involvement in Nathairue’s death before heading back to the Sea Inn with Tallalia. There, he met with Irma and convinced her to take on Tallalia as an employee. Gin hugged his travel companion goodbye as he headed out to a meeting with Hannah Truebeard.

Meanwhile, Tamar further explored Osmarren and was stopped by Pern. He confessed that he knew the crab Blarg kept as a pet was a shape shifter. He wondered why such a creature would be after Eki. Tamar bristled at the tiefling’s insinuations and offered Pern no additional information. She divulged her conversation to Rein who urged restraint in alarming the rest of the group about Pern’s suspicions.

Eki met with Dosha Marl at the Toehold to receive his fee for killing Nathairue. Marl handed over a pouch of dust and a pair of boots created by the Circle of Silence in exchange for the ears and tongue of the former priestess.

The companions reunited at the meeting with Truebeard. There, she made her case for the group to help the town rout the Sahuagin that kept raiding Osmarren. They accepted the challenge and headed out to find more information from Merrill. The heroes climbed down the cliffs to the beach below, but Gin lost his grip and fell. Although shaken and wounded, Gin walked it off.

Badell led them west on the beach until they encountered a bubbling pool. Three sahuagin warriors and their priestess emerged from the waters to battle. Gin was quickly struck down by one of the creatures, and Badell soon followed. Eki blasted the priestess into the water, giving his companions time to deal with the warriors. Rein healed Gin, who woke to see Malum scratch out the eyes of one of the sea demons. Tamar finished off the priestess with a final mighty blow.

Needing rest after the ordeal, Eki tended to Badell’s wounds and the companions found crevices in the cliff face to take a much needed rest…

Contractual Duties

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein found their night interrupted by Sokai, a crab Hengeyokai assassin hired to kill Eki. The crustacean tried using its poison and claws flee from the group’s wrath. Rein used her powers to summon a tangle of vines to trap Sokai. The creature was held for questioning once Gin arrived back at the Sea Inn. Sokai revealed no further information and was eventually executed.

Hannah Truebeard and the Osmarren Guards arrived to investigate the attacks. Gin convinced the guards that his companions were not involved and could even possibly help the town. Meanwhile, Eki slipped away in cat form to find his target, Nathairue. He found the priestess sleeping, but accidentally woke her. He quickly changed form and carried out his contractual duty. Unfortunately, he could not make Nathairue’s corpse look like it was pincered to death, but he burned down her tent before slipping off into hiding.

The fire woke the sleeping town for the second time that night. Gin, Tamar and Rein helped douse the fire and once again convince the guards that they were not involved. Blame for the night’s events shifted toward the Sahuagin. In fact, Hannah wanted to enlist the group’s help in eliminating the creatures that, according to Merrill, laired in a sunken ship in the The Serpent.

Concerned for her friend, Rein used her powers to find Eki in a nearby tent. Gin confronted Eki about the night’s strange events and his shrouded past. Eki defended himself by denying any and all involvement with Nathairue’s death.

Eki Gets Crabs

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein entered Osmarren and stopped at Pern’s Exchange where they were able to trade some of their treasures for the shells used as currency in the settlement. With additional payment, Pern told the group that the settlement had recently suffered attacks from the Sahuagin, causing business to be slow for the upcoming Blank God’s Blessing Day. The companions headed to the Sea Inn, where the wounded innkeeper was healed by Rein in exchange for free night’s lodging.

Before retiring, the heroes took a much needed bath and had their clothing laundered. Eki went back to his room to rest as the remainder of the group visited the Fin and Claw tavern. They were disappointed to find the place was deserted, but were able to secure spirits from the half-orc barkeep after tensions rose between him and Tamar.

Gin decided to explore Osmarren further as everybody else retired. Gin found several interesting stalls including a brothel, gambling den and another scummy tavern. But when he once again reached Pern’s he noticed that Blarg had his head nearly severed and the cage holding Pern’s large crab was destroyed. He quickly roused Pern who called the town guards. Fearing for his friends, Gin quickly fled back to the Sea Inn where he found Bevel lying dead.

Meanwhile, Eki woke from his deep slumber with a crab Hengeyokai attempting to poison him. Eki was able to fend off the poison and tried to attack the creature which identified itself as Sokai, an assassin hired to kill Eki for sleeping with Commander Ottara’s daughter. Tamar, Rein and Tallalia woke from the commotion and ran to aid Eki.

Tamar arrived first and burst into the room ready for action…

To Osmarren... Finally

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein decided their mission in the Monolith of Surrel was complete after Tamar blessed the altar and received Solemn. The sword continued to consecrate the area around it as the companions worked their way up to the exit of the Monolith. Both Malum and Rein slipped as they crossed the chains bridging a crevasse from the Monolith to the Abzaal Rock Flats. Malum slipped and fell to her death below, but Gin seemed unconcerned about the death of his familiar. Rein managed to catch herself and then spectacularly jump back onto the chain and nimbly walk across the rest of the way. Gin then spent time summoning Malum who reappeared with insectoid wings in place of her tentacles.

The heroes continued their journey through the Abzaal Rock Flats toward Osmarren with Gin and Tamar arguing along the way. As they neared Osmarren, two zombies, one a halfling and the other an ogre, shambled into their path. Tamar struck the ogre with a mighty blow, nearly destroying it with one strike and knocking it back. Eki ran up to finish the beast, but was met with a smash to the face with the zombie’s morningstar that sent him to the ground. Rein managed to save Eki from dying and the ogre was eventually killed. Meanwhile, after several attacks and Rein’s moonbeam, the halfling zombie also met its doom.

Tallalia recognized the halfling as Safeth, a member of a missing Sternco caravan that never returned from Osmarren. The creature had a strange trident sticking out of its back made from a pinkish rock and wrapped in plant matter. The group hoped for the best as they continued to Osmarren.

During the night, Master Krallak woke up Gin and urged him to go back to the Starwind Monastery. Gin promised the dead monk that he would try to find somebody in Osmarren that could fix the broken telescope at the Monastery. Satisfied, Krallak let Gin go back to sleep.

At Osmarren, several guards stood post outside the gates as another tended to a pyre of the dead. After asking the group’s purpose, the guards opened the gates to let the weary travelers enter Osmarren…

Consecration of Surrel

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein continued their battle against a vile gibbering mouther in the desecrated Monolith of Surrel. With Rein blinded from the aberration’s explosive spittle and the ground around the creature proving precarious to walk through, Gin launched a witch bolt at the creature, holding it in a thrall of lightning. Tamar took off running from the insane blubbering of the creature’s many mouths and Eki wound his punches into tornadoes to pummel the beast. Rein used her thorn whip to savage the creature until it was finally fried with lightning. A search of the small office yielded a batch of healing potions and the group then used the room’s teleporter to venture deeper into the Monolith.

The heroes found themselves in an area with the desecrated altar and multitudes of dead bodies strewn about. An undead beholder held sway over the area and attacked Tamar by draining her energy and disintegrating her. With help from Gin’s blasts, Eki’s constant flurry of blows and Rein’s moonbeam weakening the creature, Tamar was eventually able to cleave the creature in half. The half-orc paladin then turned to the altar to fulfill her mission of consecrating it.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work, causing Gin to become frustrated. It was decided to spend the evening in the area and wait until Tamar could provide a magical blessing on the altar. The next morning, she formally blessed the altar. The offal and black slime that covered the crystalline shrine burned away and a stone sword appeared.

She held the sword aloft and found that it was called Solemn: Vengeance of the Gods…

Punkle the Purse of Haveronin!

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein battled against the shit demons and hell hound inside the Monolith of Surrel. Gin managed to fight his way out of a precarious situation with the manes demons utilizing the Staff of the Umbra as the rest of the companions fought the hell hound. Eki pummeled the fiery dog in the face and Tamar finished off the creature with a mighty blow.

Eki and Rein proceeded to explore the chamber while Gin and Tamar attempted to figure out how to stop the portal from summoning additional demons. As the ritual zombies staked to the portal began to stir and Gin’s plan on cracking the floor failed, Tamar struck one of the zombies despite the consequences of her last attempt. This time, she was not blasted by black flame and the zombie was killed. Gin eventually managed to strike a crack through he pentacle and the group finished off the rest of the ritual zombies.

With the room cleared, they investigated a strange metal plate in the floor. Eki discovered it was a teleporter to a lower level in the monolith. The companions decided to rest and Rein equipped Tallalia with several darts before going any further. Once rested, the heroes used the teleporter and found themselves in an office. They explored the next room where a zombie was rolled up in a carpet. They killed the creature and went to explore the next room and found an amorphous gibbering mouther. The vile creature began to babble incoherently and used its exploding spittle to blind Rein…

Demon Slayers

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein continued battling the demons desecrating the Monolith of Surrel in the Abzaal Rock Flats. Eki jumped onto the dretch making its way up the staircase, nearly killing it. The foul creature was destroyed as more manes demons and another dretch were discovered on the second level of the monolith. The companions made their way downstairs and were horrified when the dretch let out a low rumble followed by a noxious cloud of gas. Luckily, the heroes were able to defeat the demons and began exploring the area.

While most of the group examined rotting crates and barrels, Gin noticed that the pentacle carved into the floor of the room contained ancient zombies staked to the ground. The creatures began to move as a black flame surrounded them. Gin moved away as Tamar rushed to behead one of the creatures. Unfortunately, an explosion of flame enveloped Tamar. As the flames died, more manes demons and a hell hound appeared standing in the circle. Tamar, Rein and Eki focused on destroying the hell hound and two manes went after Gin, who struggled to keep the demons at bay…

Into the Monolith

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein stood at the Monolith of Surrel and came up with a plan to cross the offal covered chains that bridged the chasm to reach the slab. Gin, Tamar and Tallalia tied themselves together and slowly crawled on the chains as Eki and Rein hitched a ride on Tamar in cat form. At the side of the monolith, they found a small glyph that Gin ordered Malum to touch. The glyph exploded with black flames, killing Tallalia and burning Tamar. The companions quickly climbed to the top of the monolith where Rein saved her friend.

Tamar decided to knell and say a blessing to her god of the fire. The monolith shook beneath their feel and a light appeared on the side of the slab in the shape of a door. Tamar climbed down and tried to enter the glowing doorway. The rock face slipped down revealing a chamber within. The rest of the group climbed down and entered to explore. The area was filled with entrails, foul smells and black slime. Two desecrated statues of holy warriors guarded the entrance, as did two small demons. The foul shit demons were easily destroyed and they continued exploring the area. Rein managed to find one piece of legible writing among scraps of ruined paper, but nothing else of value was discovered.

Gin began to make his way down a flight of stairs when he noticed a foul-smelling creature coming up toward him. He backed away and warned the others as Eki crouched to spring upon the new foe…


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