Who's In Control?

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Wrusk and Vulen Dormys continued their conversation with Fandar Garren, a human drifter, and Vissith, an eel spider. Vissith acted as an interpreter for the telepathic communications given by Master Garren. Vissith relayed the duo came from a desolate island called Rocky Place. They were on a small boat exploring since their island had become nearly uninhabitable. An explosion and huge wave caused their raft to capsize, leaving them stranded. They were grateful for the ride and asked if they could go along with the group to [[Rut’Thrusk]].

Further questioning by the group led to suspicions about their story and Vulen determined that Fandar was under some sort of transmutation magic. But with night coming on, the heroes decided to wait until the next day to inquire further.

The next morning, Tamar used her divine powers to discover that Fandar and Vissith were both aberrations and Vulen used his arcane knowledge to find that Fandar wanted to kill everybody on the boat, especially Vissith and Gin. With this information, the heroes finally confronted their new passengers.

Vissith insisted that despite their differences and apparent lack of trust, everybody on the boat could continue travelling in peace. However, further incriminations caused Vissith to spout vehemence towards Gin, calling him Daciana’s Kin.

At those words, Gin thrust his staff forth and Vissith yelled for Fandar to attack. Gin used his powers to teleport away from immediate danger and used the tentacles from his staff to immobilize Vissith. Fandar pushed past Tamar to get to Gin, but the half-orc managed to strike him with a thunderous blow as he ran by. Vulen teleported away from Fandor and created an arcane fist to bash Vissith, but he unfortunately missed.

Meanwhile, Gin blasted the eel spider once more before teleporting away from the oncoming Fandor. With his slippers of spider climbing, Gin managed to end up standing on the outer hull of the ship’s stern.

All the while, Wrusk ignored everything, kept his eyes on the horizon and sailed southeast toward his home…



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