Unwell Met

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, treaded water in the middle of a calm green ocean and peered toward a two-mile high spire jutting from the depths to the east. As they decided to explore the spire, purple lightning began dancing around its metallic exterior. Soon, dark smoke began billowing from it as it fell apart and flying creatures fled from the top. Suddenly, it exploded in a purple flash with shrapnel screaming through the air. The spire’s collapse caused a massive wave that tossed the heroes in the surf.

In the subsequent calm, Gin and Tamar found themselves alone, floating on a large piece of the debris. The spire and their companions were nowhere to be seen. Tamar spotted a body floating in the water and discovered Shundara dead with a piece of iron sunk into her head. Even with the terrible loss of their friends, they could hardly believe the beauty of the light in the sky settling in the east, something that neither had ever seen as the green clouds of Ur-Delth had always obscured the sky.

As they shivered in the water, they noticed a small sailing vessel approaching. The boat was piloted by a lizardfolk named Wrusk who allowed them onto his boat. On the deck of the boat was an unconscious elf named Vulen that choked and sputtered awake when they arrived. They had two tentacles attached to their back which caused Gin recoil. The warlock roughly questioned and examined the elf but only managed to scare them and offer no answers.

Meanwhile, Wrusk waved around a rod that had the closed eye of a crocodile at its tip. When asked about it, he indicated that the eye was supposed to open when he completed his quest to “destroy the storm-maker.” With the clear skies and lack of purple lightning he questioned why the eye was not open. Could it be that while the storm seemed to be somehow destroyed, the storm-maker was not?

The next morning, the sun shone again under an even clearer sky. The swift current and winds that Tamar, Gin and Wrusk knew were still absent. Vulen appeared to be in a much better state and had read their valuable books to regain power and energy. Seeing Tamar still upset over the loss of her friends Vulen offered magic to help. They were able to contact another plane to discover that Crunchy and Merrill were dead, while Digby’s status remained unknown.

Gin called for Master Krallak to speak with him, which Vulen found interesting. The wizard claimed to have known Krallak and was surprised to learn he had been dead for centuries. Krallak told Gin where lizardfolk roamed Delthrand, perhaps giving him some indication of their current location. Vulen also recognized the continent of Delthrand on the map, but before they could continue their conversation, two vrocks, mounted by derro riders, appeared to attack.

Vulen cast a thunderball which killed both derro and rocked the vrocks. Wrusk’s arrow and Gin’s eldritch blast continued wounding the flying demons. But one screeched loud enough to stun Gin and the other’s disease cloud poisoned Tamar and Vulen.

However, Tamar called upon Surrel to instill one with fear and cast it down into the water…



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