Undead Library

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Ixio, Scarlet and Tamar continued travelling the Abzaal Rock Flats in search of a supposed library as a rock storm quickly approached. The companions sought shelter, but Gin was left partially exposed to the fury of the storm and suffered the consequences of whirling sand and pebbles. The storm passed as quickly as it arrived and the group continued their march.

Soon, they saw a laccolith with a large building situated next to it. As they drew closer, they noticed several zombies milling about outside. They attacked the zombies as more arrived from behind the building. Several proved difficult to put down, but they were able to eventually destroy them all.

In the meantime, Eki climbed to the top of the building and peered into an area enclosed by a concrete wall. Inside were two small buildings as well as skeletal guards walking through the yard. With help from the kitty, the group climbed to the top of the building and began raining fire upon the skeletons. While a skeleton with a pitchfork went easily, several others drew short swords and returned fire. As the battle raged, Eki snuck toward one of the holes in the building’s roof and peered inside…



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