The Spire

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued their battle against the kuo-toa in the deep chambers of Tisthorrak’s lair. The summoned demonic piranha around the shaman kuo-toa made battling the amphibian difficult. So, the companions tried a variety of ranged spells to attack it as they maneuvered into better position.

Inside the air-filled dome in the center of the submerged chamber, they noticed another kuo-toa grabbing floating purple light orbs and placing them on an intellect devourer. The orbs would dissipate into the creature which was attached to strange machinery via two tubes on its underside. Grievously wounded, Gin used the power of the Umbra to raise dead aquatic men into zombies and ordered them to protect him as he moved closer to engage the kuo-toa.

Tamar teleported next to the shaman and struck some devastating blows, but the creature did not fall to her rage as the piranhas attacked her. Gin used telekinesis to force the shaman into the water and away from the dark machinery. The evil amphibian conjured a spectral trident that struck Gin, knocking him unconscious. Sensing the kuo-toa’s wounded state, Crunchy quickly swam to the shaman and used his shadow blade to kill the creature. The goblin then reached Gin and used his powerful healing potion to save his warlock friend. It was then that Crunchy noticed his skin had a layer of slime on it and had turned translucent.

Meanwhile, Digby used knowledge gained from his grandmother to banish the intellect devourer and the last kuo-toa to a demi-plane. With the creatures gone, Tamar called upon the power of her fire god to remove the disease from Crunchy. The heroes took up positions of attack and Digby brought their enemies back from the demi-plane. Their enemies could not withstand the onslaught and perished.

The companions tried to determine their next move as there appeared no exit from the chamber. Eventually Digby and Crunchy used mage hand to guide the remaining purple sphere to the tubes that were attached to the intellect devourer. The globe dissipated and the floor began to lower beneath them and water rushed into the area. The floor lowered enough to expose a tunnel that headed to the west.

With Crunchy leading, they swam out and surfaced into a wide ocean. Crunchy used his magic ring to climb on the water surface as his companions treaded in the salty water. There was no strong current and the relentless winds of Ur-Delth had retreated to a faint breeze. A mile to the east, a two-mile high spire jutted from the ocean. Above it was clear skies and the sun shone down.

The green clouds of Ur-Delth seemed to recede from the spire in a widening radius…



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