The Hallway of DOOOOOOM!

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein entered battle with a skeletal minotaur holding sentry in the garden of a stronghold in the Abzaal Rock Flats. Gin used Malum’s horrific visage to scare the minotaur, effectively limiting the creature’s movement as Tamar ran forth to strike the beast. Meanwhile, Eki attempted to climb out of the area in hopes to secure a better position, but ended up instead falling into one of the trees. The minotaur did manage to strike heavily against Tamar, but Rein, whom they just recently met, used her powers to heal the half-orc. Eki focused his ki power to strike the minotaur. Enraged, the beast charged Eki, but missed as a final blow from the heroes reduced the creature to a pile of bones.

With the creature dead, Gin went to retrieve treasure from a room they had previously cleared and Tamar retrieved the body of Scarlet and put her to flames. After a much needed rest, the companions headed down a staircase they know led to a trapped hallway. As they deftly avoided spiked pole traps, an unseen force began tossing them onto the pressure plates to trigger the traps. Eki used Lumen to spot a poltergeist floating near the hallway’s ceiling. The group tried to destroy the incorporeal creature while avoiding more traps.

Gin nearly lost his life and just as the undead spirit seemed to waver, it fled up into a shaft located at the end of the hall…



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