The Fall of Tisthorrak

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued their fight against Garron the White and his minions in the temple of Tisthorrak. Crunchy threw a smoke grenade into the area but missed his target. He quickly fetched it from the water and placed it next to Garron.

The chamber filled with a thick smoke that made seeing into the area nearly impossible. However, the heroes did manage to eliminate all of their foes, except one kuo-toa that fled down a flooded tunnel in the back of the temple.

As their victory seemed complete, Tisthorrak appeared, this time in his true form. Tamar ignited Solemn and struck a devastating blow. Thanks to Gin’s Staff of the Umbra, Tisthorrak was unable to flee. Crunchy and Digby followed up with their own attacks against their enemy.

Gin used telekinesis to part the smoke and get a clear shot at the aboleth, delivering a fatal eldritch blast. As Crunchy scoured the chamber floor for treasure, the rest of the group came up with questions for Gin to ask Tisthorrak’s corpse.

Using his warlock powers, Gin discovered that Tisthorrak considered the monodrone they discovered earlier an enemy, that the aboleth arrived to Delthrand via Amenoth, that it was sent by the Umbra, and that the necrotic and arcane energy required to power the transporters could be found in its own lair.

Then Gin asked his final question, “Who opened the gate that brought forth Amenoth to our world?” And Tisthorrak answered, “Omet-Arzuk, Lord of the Umbra, with the aid of Illemketh…”



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