The Eternal Mineral

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, had just finished slaying an undead spellcaster and four-armed zombie gorilla when their phantom warrior guide threatened to attack. Tamar stepped forth to bear the brunt of its blade. She suspected Tisthorrak held sway over the ghost causing its aggression.

As the other companions tried to pin down the apparition, Crunchy explored two of the rooms, finding one to be filled with useless tools and metallic body parts, and the other containing gardening equipment. The goblin was then psychically assaulted by Tisthorrak and paralyzed by his own inward thoughts. The phantom warrior was eventually killed, and a slight slap broke Crunchy from his stupor. Tisthorrak again appeared to attack, but one blow from Tamar made the creature once again disappear.

The companions noticed that the green mist in the southern chamber was slowly seeping into the hallway. Gin thought that maybe the whirring blades in the back of the chamber were pumping the mist into the room. After attempting to reverse the blades in the flora chamber, Digby was able to use his magic to reverse the blades in the southern chamber and pump the mist out of the room. With the green fog cleared, they discovered a strange metallic spheroid creature restrained in a chair.

Tamar released the creature and it quietly walked out of the room and into the fauna chamber where it appeared to be looking for something. It eventually came upon a control panel in the room and began to randomly push and slam the buttons. Digby worried that the creature would destroy the controls but could not persuade it to stop. So, Crunchy walked up to it and with a single blow, killed it.

Digby and Merrill worked with the crystals they found in the mind flayer’s room and the control panels in an effort to glean more information about their surroundings. Digby found that each crystal fit into a specific control panel, but after a flash from each crystal, nothing else happened. Further exploration of the chambers revealed that some of the plants in the flora chamber were recognizable as unusually healthy specimens from Ur-Delth and Yatellnor.

Meanwhile, Gin used his powers to speak with the dead mechanical creature. He found it was called a monodrone and that its superiors had sent it to find a special mineral called Intuneric Eternal. Crunchy came under psychic attack yet again, this time manifested by uncontrollable laughter. Once his fit passed, the companions headed out to explore the rest of the cavern.

A submerged tunnel opened into a flooded chamber where several kuo-toa hid behind a large statue of tentacles rising from the floor…



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