The Domtoch Kreeg

A long time ago in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Balor and Theren continued swatting at the giant insectoids that swarmed their boat in the new lands they had discovered. As Theren stayed below deck to mend his considerable wounds, four of the creatures turned their mandibles on Gin. One released pheromones into the air, alerting the rest of the insects that a new target had been identified. Gin eventually fell to his adversaries, but Tamar was able to call upon her fire god to bring him back from death’s grasp. Once awakened, Gin used the power of the Umbra to open a portal that transported him to the raft attached to the ship.

Meanwhile, Tamar and Balor hacked and slashed at the insects as they clamored toward Gin. As the large insectoid jumped to attack Gin, Sasha lunged at it to deliver the final blow and make a meal of the creature. The companions took a much needed breather before heading further into the strange new land.

Eventually, a female voice called out to them in an archaic elven tongue. Gin was able to use his magic to understand the language, but no matter how hard he tried, Theren could not grasp the dialect. The voice belonged to a tribal elf named Soran Nobik, who questioned the heroes about who they were, where they came from and how they got to Domtoch Kreeg. The companions followed the tribe to their village where they met with their leader, Si Matuk. They discovered that a plague called Vod Sickness ravaged the pinnacles of Domtoch Kreeg which caused sores, pustules, tumors and dermatoid cysts. All creatures, with the exception of Si Matuk, eventually succumbed to the disease.

The Domtoch Kreeg elves tried to keep the plague from spreading in their tribe by offering anybody afflicted to Vod. Riding his dragon, Vod would take away any sick tribe member placed at the top of their pinnacle. When the companions asked to meet Vod, Si Matuk refused, saying that only she had ever met Vod and that was centuries ago. The old elf seemed most interested in convincing the group to take her and her tribe back to Ur-Delth.

Frustrated that these new lands did not present the respite from the cursed land of Ur-Delth that they hoped, the heroes retreated to the Water Bug to plot their next move…



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