Shared Stories

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Wrusk and Vulen Dormys continued their fight against the demonic vrocks that attacked their ship on the open oceans of Ur-Delth. One of vulture-like creatures sank below the waves thanks to Tamar’s god striking it with fear. The other vrock emitted a cloud of toxic spores to poison the heroes and then turned its attacks on the wizard to gain revenge.

Fortunately, Vulen survived the assault and cast a fireball at the beast, severely wounding it but also accidentally killing Malum. Wrusk turned his bow on the demon and with a sure shot, sent it into the abyss. Gin levitated the vrock’s dead derro rider into the boat and used his powers to question the corpse. He learned that the derro came from beyond the void of Omet-Arzuk and entered Materia near a place called K3R. According to the derro, K3R was located a vast distance through “the open” and could only be reached by sailing through the ether. The cryptic answers only served to raise additional questions.

As Wrusk piloted the ship toward his home island of Rut’Thrusk, the companions discussed their past experiences. They learned Vulen had been alive when the Heaven Rock landed and actually saw that it was not a rock at all, but a large mechanical tower. This meant they were centuries or millennia old and must have been placed in stasis like Digby, Crunchy and Shundara. With the seas now calm and the skies clearing, the companions assumed that what was once the Heaven Rock must have caused the destruction of Ur-Delth and that they had destroyed it.

Wrusk interrupted the conversation by pointing out two beings floating on a piece of debris in the water. The pair introduced themselves as Fandar Garren and Vissith. Fandar was only able to communicate telepathically and asked permission through Vissith if he could speak in their minds.

All agreed, except Gin, so Vissith continued to interpret Fandar’s thoughts and proceeded to explain how the duo ended up in the middle of the ocean…



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