Second Attempt Into Vod's Spire

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Balor and Theren regrouped on the Water Bug in the face of their failure to enter Vod’s Spire through the entry tunnel Malum had initially scouted. Theren sought retribution for Gin’s reluctance to save him from the face of the spire, increasing the crew’s dour mood. In frustration, Gin chugged a Potion of Water Breathing and plunged into the dark water of The Serpent in search of another entry into the spire. As the duration of the potion began to wane, he felt a shift in the current indicating an entry below.

Gin returned to the surface and encouraged the rest of the group to imbibe in their additional potions to find his hypothetical entrance. Luckily, he was right and the heroes entered Vod’s Spire through an underwater tunnel. They bypassed a large pump at the top of the tunnel and Theren opened an access hatch leading into a stone room. He immediately came under attack by several decaying ghouls, as well as an armored ghoul wielding a crossbow.

Gin, Tamar and Balor slipped past Theren into the room to confront the attackers, slaying several of the pitiful creatures. But then a skeletal hound enshrouded in purple flames suddenly appeared, raised its muzzle and pierced the air with a hideous howl. Theren and Sasha cowered in fear of the beast as the undead continued their assault…



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