Listen and Live

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued to cautiously explore Tisthorrak’s lair. Crunchy silently indicated that there were several enemies in a submerged chamber ahead and urged the heroes to charge in and fight. The companions surged into the chamber and found a large statue of tentacles protruding from the floor.

They made quick work of the kuo-toa enemies, but Crunchy grew fearful of Shundara and fled into a dark corner. He eventually discovered two double doors with a strange spiral image carved into them. Fresh from battle, Tamar helped open the doors and Crunchy rushed through, still fearful of the githyanki warrior.

Inside the chamber were stairs that led from the water onto a platform above. The room was filled with enemies including several kuo-toa, two tentacled constructs, and an old human male in dirty, billowing white robes. All the heroes, with the exception of Gin who wore Krallak’s ring of mind shielding, heard a booming voice inside their minds: “Listen and live! Submit to the will of Amenoth! Be reborn in his image!” The group ignored any chance at parley and engaged in battle.

Crunchy moved throughout the chamber easily thanks to skill and magic, until his fear of Shundara passed. He was able to deliver deadly blows to enemies, but grew frustrated that despite his exceptional ability to hide, the creatures always seemed to know his location. The constructs were able to entrap both female warriors and the old human used powerful magic to force Tamar to attack Shundara.

Digby dragged Merrill, who was stunned from a psychic attack, into the chamber. The gnome recognized the old human from his childhood memories and stories. The man had once visited Yatellnor and called himself Garron the White, a prophet of Amenoth. However, Digby noticed that he now appeared undead.

Gin used telekinesis to raise Garron and drop him from the ceiling, breaking his hold on the half-orc paladin. But upon lifting the human, they noticed that where he should have legs, he had tentacle appendages. Tamar used her powers to teleport out of her tentacle restraints and assault the last kuo-toa.

And as Digby was about to unleash his next blast of magic, he suddenly fell unconscious to a psychic attack…



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