Into the Monolith

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Eki and Rein stood at the Monolith of Surrel and came up with a plan to cross the offal covered chains that bridged the chasm to reach the slab. Gin, Tamar and Tallalia tied themselves together and slowly crawled on the chains as Eki and Rein hitched a ride on Tamar in cat form. At the side of the monolith, they found a small glyph that Gin ordered Malum to touch. The glyph exploded with black flames, killing Tallalia and burning Tamar. The companions quickly climbed to the top of the monolith where Rein saved her friend.

Tamar decided to knell and say a blessing to her god of the fire. The monolith shook beneath their feel and a light appeared on the side of the slab in the shape of a door. Tamar climbed down and tried to enter the glowing doorway. The rock face slipped down revealing a chamber within. The rest of the group climbed down and entered to explore. The area was filled with entrails, foul smells and black slime. Two desecrated statues of holy warriors guarded the entrance, as did two small demons. The foul shit demons were easily destroyed and they continued exploring the area. Rein managed to find one piece of legible writing among scraps of ruined paper, but nothing else of value was discovered.

Gin began to make his way down a flight of stairs when he noticed a foul-smelling creature coming up toward him. He backed away and warned the others as Eki crouched to spring upon the new foe…



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