Defilers of Sinarthaax

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Balor and Theren continued to strike blows against the decrepit ghouls that poured from the entrance of a step pyramid in the ancient elven enclave of Sinarthaax. As the heroes battled, Merrill warned the companions of movement in the moat behind them. Tentacles emerged from the foul water, but the group managed to slip away as a giant squid monstrosity appeared. Once inside, Theren closed the door on the creature, preventing its appendages from reaching them.

Now inside the pyramid, the companions turned their full attention to their other foes. As they battled the ghouls, small tentacle masses descended from the staircases, each incorporating a desiccated elvish head. To Theren’s chagrin, more of these masses appeared than his primeval senses initially warned. Knowing that the female elven ghoul Gin banished would return shortly, the warriors huddled around the space where she would reappear. As soon as she did, the group unleashed an onslaught that quickly killed her.

Meanwhile, Malum was ordered up the stairs to examine the top chamber. Inside, she discovered a strange frame encircling black glass that had large tentacles emerging from it. The tentacles twisted through the room and descended through a hole in the floor. In addition, there was a larger tentacle mass in the room as well as additional small tentacle masses being reproduced from heads placed throughout the room. And in front of the glass was a black shrouded skull with tusks sitting atop a glowing purplish black, smoky torso that faded into a black cloud. Tamar, Balor and Theren all heard a dread voice in their minds bellow:

“Defilers of great Kingdom of Sinarthaax! Disruptors of the Elvish Lifeblood! You are enemies of the Void Glass! You are the next feast!”



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