Breaching the Chamber

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, executed their entry plan into a submerged chamber where multiple mud creatures and glowing purple humanoid outlines stood guard. Crunchy entered first, using his Ring of Aquatics and natural speed to get by the creatures in an attempt to lure them away. A few did follow him, but most remained behind at the entrance.

The glowing outlines morphed into strange aquatic humanoids that could blink back into their purple outline form at will. The goblin rogue was able to evade his pursuers and examined the air-filled dome at the chamber’s center. Inside where three kuo-toa and a mass of strange machinery. He found he could penetrate the dome’s walls easily and threw his dagger at one of the kuo-toa. He missed and soon found himself surrounded by several more of the aquatic creatures. He quickly sped back to the entrance where his companions were busy with other enemies.

Gin, Tamar, Digby and Shundara fought against the mud mephits and aquatic creatures that stood at the entrance to the cavern. They all seemed to be targeting Gin, causing the warlock grave wounds. Tamar used her magic to shield Gin and heal some of his wounds and then turned her attacks on the foes. All of the nearby enemies were destroyed, but in the dome, a new menace appeared. One of the kuo-toa dropped to the ground, seemingly unconscious, and an intellect devourer appeared next to it.

A second kuo-toa grabbed one of the glowing globes inside the dome and the third conjured a swirling mass of demonic piranha…



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