Aberration Trivia

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Wrusk and Vulen Dormys continued their battle against an eel spider and its shape-changed human companion aboard Wrusk’s small ship, Siv’Unru. Tamar ignited the holy fire of Solemn and attacked the human as it hunted for Gin, severely wounding the creature.

Gin teleported to the deck of the ship, used his tentacled staff to assault the eel spider, and then again slipped off the side of the deck using his spider slippers. Recognizing it was in danger, the eel spider teleported to the top of the ship’s mast. But the height was no match for Gin’s eldritch blast which struck and killed the creature.

Meanwhile, Vulen used his magical Bigby’s hand to capture the human warrior. The enemy struggled to escape, but Vulen commanded the hand to crush the human to death. Once dead, the human changed into its true horrific form… a gray toad-like creature with large claws.

A search of the bodies turned up strange tools, a grey gem and a purple crystal sphere that resembled Vulen’s black sphere, as well as other spheres Craven and Tamar had seen throughout their recent adventures. Close inspection revealed that both spheres included strange inscriptions, one of which Vulen remembered seeing on the outside of the Heaven Rock spire.

Craven and Vulen both used their magic powers to glean answers to the many questions the heroes had regarding their situation. They determined that the grey toad creature actually worked as a slave for the eel spider, the eel spider was from the spire that recently exploded, and that it wanted to go to Rut’Thrusk as a safe place to kill Gin.

In addition, they found that there were no more spires on Delthrand, there was no danger to RutThrusk from the exploded spire, and that the crystals contained some type of information, but required specific arcane machines for their use.

With many more questions to be answered, Wrusk sailed his ship toward home…



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