Listen and live, children.

Garron the White will now tell you the hopeful tale of Ur-Delth.

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, Ur-Delth was something out of your wildest dreams. The land reached forever. The sky was blue, with a bright burning sun that provided warmth and grew savory foods. Our ancestors didn’t have to worry about where their next meal was coming from, for there were fields filled with fruits, vegetables and animals for slaughter.

They didn’t have to burn their dead for fear that they would rise against them. The dead were buried in the ground and stayed there, with great memorials so those that loved them could visit and even talk with them using the proper words.

There were great cities filled with beings of all races and comforts beyond anything you could imagine. Trade and knowledge flourished. They lived in large houses furnished with soft beds, warmed in the cold and chilled in the heat. They were able to discuss deep matters, or spend the days painting, writing or enjoying all manner of recreations.

Our ancestors knew how to harness magic to create machines that could fly in the air, travel quickly down wide avenues or rails and ply the seas against currents even stronger than The Serpent. They were able to talk to each other over great distances using the right words. Machines were created that could do the work of ten strong men. Clean water flowed freely, right within walking distance of the home.

And our ancestors filled the lands. Humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and all the rest spread across the vast face of Ur-Delth, bringing their wonders for all to enjoy.

Oh children, there were Gods that would not only hear the pleas of the faithful, but they would often answer. Powerful Gods with names lost in time that would shower the faithful with gifts, long lives and riches.

But even with all this, our ancestors were not satisfied. They expected and wanted more of their Gods. They knew that the Gods resided in realms that provided even more pleasure, even more leisure and even more power.

So, our ancestors demanded that they be treated as equals with the Gods. The Gods heard their pleas, but were only angered by the greed of those they had created. Had the Gods not provided them with enough? Had the Gods not allowed the intelligent races dominion over the land?

In their anger, the Gods turned their backs on Ur-Delth and cast their vision upon a new creation. They ripped the lands apart, darkened the skies, raised the winds and allowed the abberants to rise from their fetid hovels to spread death. They barred souls from entering their realms, allowing the dead to walk. And they provided no protection from the wild races and the demons they follow.

And so, the wonders of Ur-Delth fell, uncountable beings died and all the great knowledge was lost.

But children, these ancient Gods are not completely cruel. They may have turned from us, but in their righteousness, they left behind Amenoth – The God That Does Not Hear, The Blank God – to keep watch. He is here, roaming the seas of Ur-Delth, where he waits for us to suffer justly and regain our humility. Only when he deems us worthy will the ancient Gods reappear and restore Ur-Delth to greatness.

Listen and live.