Wood Elf Ranger Rogue

Theren was born in a small elven village deep in a thorn and bramble filled forest of Ur-Delth. From a very young age, he was forced to help his people scavenge off the dwindling land to provide enough to survive. Over time, he grew tired and disillusioned of this life, convinced that there had to be more to the world than the barren forest that surrounded his village. He began to travel away from his village, short distances at first, and then frequently disappearing for days at a time. Shortly after reaching adulthood at 100 years of age, Theren left his forest entirely and entered the wilderness beyond. He explore open wastelands, toothy mountains, sickly plains, rancid bogs, and every manner of landscape imaginable in search of something, anything to give him hope the world would recover from the slow and steady death it seemed to be suffering from.

During his travels, he came across other small settlements and learned what he could of Ur-Delth. The only facts he could glean were that of a dying land forsaken by the gods. His hopes began fading over the years, but still he continued his journey. He learned to trap and hunt to feed himself, learned how to discern landmarks and find water and places of shelter, making it easier to survive the long stretches he spent in the wilderness. He came across all manner of creatures, some friendly, others more hostile. Theren was forced to defend himself numerous times and faced many a near-death experience from monsters that sought to tear him apart. During one particularly close encounter with a dire wolf, he was rendered unable to walk for six days after. He took one of the wolf’s fangs as a trophy.

Most commonly, though, he faced more undead horrors than he could keep track of. They seemed to be around every corner, waiting in every cemetery, cave, abandoned tower, swamp, or unhallowed ground he came upon. Usually, he found these undead being controlled by some sort of fiend, making it all the more difficult to defeat them or escape with his life. At the very least, he’s learned an astounding amount of information about such beings over his life. He is seldom unprepared nowadays when it comes to undead or infernal beings.

Over time, Theren grew to find a kinship with animals, and even trained some of them as his companions. He’s had many of these companions over the years, as they are much shorter lived than he, but his most recent is a serpent named Sasha. They’ve been together for nearly 15 years now, and she has aided him well in his travels. He considers her a dear friend, and would do anything to protect her, even if sometimes she is the one doing the protecting.

Theren’s travels have occasionally brought him to Osmarren. Being one of the larger villages he’s come across, he visits whenever he is in the area to restock on supplies, rest his road-weary legs, or otherwise help out its citizens how he can. His most notable instance of this was running for several days to warn the village of an impending undead attack. Because of his warning, the people were able to mount a proper defensive and survive the conflict. During his time in Osmarren, he has become close friends Hannah Truebeard, the village’s guard captain. In fact, as he spends most of his time in the wild, she is his only real friend these days.

In recent years, Theren yearns to find new lands to explore. Deep in his heart, he knows the entire world cannot be as dead and hostile as Ur-Delth. If he could explore a new land, find proof that there is still growth and prosperity in the world, perhaps then he could make a real difference. The people of Ur-Delth are in great need of hope, and a new, more prosperous home provide them with just that.

Killed when a plant insect creature burst from his stomach.


Ur-Delth Sebos