Table Rules

This game will be played on the Roll20 Virtual Table. So you’re going to need an Roll20 account and a microphone. No video.

Miss a Game Session
Please try to come to the scheduled sessions on time and ready to play.

And PLEASE don’t bother signing up for this campaign if you think you’ll have to miss a whole bunch.

If you do have to miss a session, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can make extra preparations. Games probably won’t be rescheduled unless everybody can reschedule (and my schedule is very tight).

If a person misses a game session, the DM will run the character with some input from the other players for possible actions. However, to further conserve DM bandwidth, the character will be run more like an NPC or background character, doing just enough to stay alive and sticking mainly to basic attacks.

Rule Discussions
There will times I don’t know a specific rule for a situation. If a player knows the rule in question, then let me know and we’ll go with it. If there is confusion over rules, I will adjudicate as I see best for that moment and write a note to check up on it before the next session. I like to spend as little time as possible discussing rules in-game.

Character Dies
I’m not a DM that relishes killing off a character or party. However, I do make encounters pretty tough, and intend to use the harsh environs of Ur-Delth against you. So, death may happen. If your character dies, you can create a new character to play. The player and DM must work together to figure out a way to get the new character into the group without destroying the narrative. This may mean missing a session or two until the new character can be worked in.

New Players
If a player has to leave the campaign, I will put out a notice to find a new player, or take recommendations from current players for somebody to join us. The new character will come in at the current group level. I will do my best to introduce the new character in a way that will not interrupt the campaign narrative.

Table Rules

Ur-Delth Sebos