Dwarf fighter.

A dwarf of sturdy nature, one would think twice before taking on this short creature. Born in the coastal town of Osmarren and raised up to see the rise and fall of many leaders in this world Balor has seen a great deal. Now a watchman of the guard, Balor spends most of his time on duty and in the tavern with a few of the locals, along with his love Tamira. As the days dragged on the Sahuagin continued to win conquest after conquest against the coastal towns across the sea. The guard knew they would be next. “Men it is now or never, we either attempt to drive the Sahuagin back, or allow it to overrun our city that we have built and maintained for so long,” the captain of the guard barks. He attempts a grin but it comes out as a grimace, “So who among you is with me?” Many of the men back out, but not Balor. Balor could feel the sense of impending doom upon the town if the men of the guard do not face this looming threat. He stepped in along with a dozen other men. “Good, now let’s discuss strategy,” the captain says as he leans over a map of the coastal town.

Lightning strikes that illuminates a group of moving bodies. Many different sized bodies, those of the first guard of Osmarren. Among the ranks of this war party, Balor Windhelm clatters along through the mud and sand towards the impending battle along the shore. He knows in his mind that this may very well be the last memory that he has before his life is taken. Balor breifly touches the necklace draped around his neck and a well of memories of his past life flood into his vision. A flicker of his love sitting near the fire in the inn. “Tamira, I will make it home if it is the last thing I do,” he whispers under his breath as he tucks the necklace back into his undershirt.

Suddenly the earth shakes around them and a huge wave slams beside Balor engulfing four of his men to their deaths. The battle has begun. Drawing his greataxe made of black stone, he charges into the fight. He is first met with two Sea Devils armed with tridents. The first goes to stab him but he nimbly dodges it and swings his large axe in an arc to slash the two foes to their death. “Take them down boys!” Balor shouts to his comrades as he dislodges his axe.

This battle rages on for what seems like an hour and it soon seems to sour. With three guard left alive, Balor and his comrades are backed into a corner. The Sahuagin leader comes up to the three fighters and with a raise of his hand causes their weapons to drop before them. “You have lost this battle.” he says in gutteral common. Balor and his two other commrades are shoved to their knees as they are gagged and bound. What comes next will define Balor for the rest of his life.

Eventually he was caught by an insectoid-looking plant creature that infected him with spores. The spores burst forth, killing Balor and poisoning several of his friends.


Ur-Delth Sebos