The Exploding Dwarf

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Balor Windhelm, Theren Nailo and Digby Folkor continued to battle the metallic gargoyles that guarded a chamber in an unknown location beyond Vod’s portal. Gin tossed the Staff of the Umbra to the floor and uttered a command word. The staff mutated into a giant tentacle that grabbed one of the creatures, preventing it from fully entering the battle.

As several of the gargoyles were destroyed by the heroes, a hole appeared at Theren’s feet. Several insectoid arms reached up from the hole and dragged Theren down. The portal closed, revealing only solid floor where Theren once stood. Soon after, the same mysterious being also grabbed Balor in a similar fashion. Digby used his magic to locate Sever in order to find Theren and Balor. The axe was somewhere below them.

One of the metallic shafts in the room went down to a lower level. Tamar climbed down and slid the door open to discover an insectoid looking creature standing over Balor and Theren. The duo was covered in green goo up to their necks. Gin quickly used his power to banished the creature. Tamar cut Balor and Theren loose, but they both seemed disoriented from their experience. The heroes then prepared themselves for the return of the creature from banishment.

As soon as it appeared from the extra dimensional prison, Digby blasted with magic missile, Theren blasted with his bow, Gin blasted with eldritch blast and Tamar cut it in half. A green cloud erupted from the creature, causing no harm. But suddenly, Balor’s stomach cramped up. He yelled that he felt like he had to take a deep bowel movement, but then his stomach exploded in another green cloud that this time poisoned Tamar, Digby and Sasha



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