Madness Descends

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara, continued battling the chuuls that guarded a dark underwater chamber. One of the lobster aberrations tried to squeeze through the opening Crunchy created with his portal gun. Crunchy’s mage hand released the gun’s triggers, closing the portal on the creature. It thrashed in pain as it was forced through the opening. Badly injured, the beast was quickly dispensed.

They again used the portal gun to make another opening and were able to slay the last surviving chuul. During the battle, Tisthorrak again appeared. Tamar drank a potion of heroism and dove to fight the aboleth, but they found that once again, the creature disappeared once struck.

Their phantom guide urged them to head through a door to the south, but they disregarded the apparition and explored the door to the north. They entered a room with strange whorls engraved in the metallic walls and bizarre furnishings. Digby retrieved three crystal globes, one red, one blue, and one black. The crystals were labelled in a strange language, but they were able to discern the blue one read “Flora”, the black one read “Fauna” and the red one read “Results.” All the crystals were titled with “8M3-N0+H (Delthrand).”

Crunchy found some additional treasure in the room, including several platinum pieces. When Shundara asked for a share of the treasure, Crunchy felt compelled to give it over. She gave a few more commands for Crunchy, which he unwillingly complied with, and they realized he was under psychic attack by Tisthorrak. Enraged, Crunchy almost came to blows with Shundara, but both were eventually persuaded to calm down.

However, Crunchy held no love for Shundara and shared his feelings with Tamar, who also felt the githyanki was unlikable. They decided to rest the night in the room under the protection of Digby’s Tiny Hut.

The next morning, they explored the room to the south. Again, the phantom tried to lead them to a door at the end of the hallway, but instead they explored a room to the west that held rows of plants and trees. They then opened a room to the east and came under attack by an undead spell caster. As they engaged in battle, the door to the south opened and a four-armed zombie gorilla emerged to battle.

Both of the undead creatures were quickly destroyed as a green mist lazily wafted from the south…



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