Leaving Sinarthaax

Gin’s Journal, Day 42, Page 117

Sensing through Malum, I saw as my companions rushed into the dining hall and charged towards the vile creature inside. Malum followed them to give what little help she could. During the battle, Theren found what he was looking for – an ancient bow crafted by the Sinarthaax elves of old, and used it against their opponent as his weapon of choice. There were casualties in the fight.

As my companions and Malum surrounded the vile creature, it let out a putrid stench that affected Malum and “killed” her. “Killed” is a word for mortals, and Malum is far from being “mortal.” Her corporal form was destroyed but her spirit returned to the realm of her origins, whatever that truly was. My psychic connection with her broke and I lost contact with my companions.

I sighed in resignation at the fact that I would have to give time and effort to re-summon Malum again, but I did not have time at that moment. I only hoped my friends finished off the vile creature without further incident and would quickly return to the portal. Without Malum on the other side, I knew I had to pass through myself once more.

Again, with effort, I recalled the words to open the portal and stepped through. My companions had not arrived back at the portal yet, so I took the time to write down on parchment the runes from the broken mirror-portal along with the partial runes from the scroll I found at the Starwind Monastery; no more having to recall the activation words from memory.

Thankfully, in time, my companions arrived. They obviously defeated the vile creature without further trouble. Using my newly inscribed parchment, I opened the portal and sent Tamar through first. And unsurprisingly, the portal closed behind her. Again, I used the command words to open the portal and sent Theren through. Next I sent Merrill through, followed by Balor. Finally, I opened the portal one last time and stepped through myself.

My companions stood around the portal, shocked and bewildered at the place around them. Like me, they had never seen a place such as this. This place felt…wrong. The walls, floor and ceiling were all made of metal, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The air was stale and old, and the floor was covered in dust and debris, untouched for generations.

We cautiously searched the room. On the far side of the room were shelves with strange mechanical devices that interested Merrill, but, even he found them strange and puzzling. There were metal doors to our right and left. We discovered what appeared to be another portal next to the portal we came through, but this one larger. I wondered if the activation command I had would work on the newly discovered portal when Merrill announced that one of the doors close to him had opened and he thought he saw someone.

Balor quickly took point, with me following behind, and we approached the door. The door was closed and it had no keyhole or handle. Balor used his immense strength to pry the door open and it slid to the side, inside the wall. On the other side of the door was another room with more shelves with strange mechanical devices but also three gray-colored dwarves with dirty white hair aiming crossbows at Balor.

I cast a darkness spell in the room and the battle began…



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