Jumping Through the Portal

Long into the future in a land far far away…
Gin, Tamar, Balor, and Theren stood among the bloody masses of horrendous aberrated undead they recently killed and absorbed the new information Gin relayed about his ancestry. With their next steps uncertain, Balor and Theren searched the area. They found a variety of coins, gems, potions and a magical pair of crystal lenses. Tamar stood by Gin as he examined a staff he procured from an undead elf maiden. Theren tried hacking through the tentacles that wove through the chamber to no avail. He then ordered Sasha to bite them. When she did, acid sprayed from the wounds, barely missing her.

After the area was searched, Gin approached the black mirror on the far side of the room. Part of the mystical runes on the bottom was missing, but he remembered he had a scroll with partial activation commands he found in the Starwind Monastery. He recited the words and the mirror swirled purple and black. Malum went into the mirror and found herself on the other side of a portal. She was in an abandoned metallic chamber with bizarre doors and cabinets. Gin yelled out, “This is it!” And jumped through to the shock of the rest of the group. The portal darkened.

Theren suggested that those remaining behind search Sinarthaax for the missing runes to reactivate the portal. The trio killed a strange tusked jellyfish creature and scared another off. Meanwhile, Gin was able to remember the command words to the portal and managed to open it from the other side. He sent Malum through and connected his senses to her. She flew to catch up with the group and Gin asked through her why the group abandoned him.

Theren admitted that in addition to trying to find the missing runes, he was also seeking a magic bow in a dining hall the the banshee told him of. Gin applauded Theren’s deception and they continued to a large building. Theren opened the door and discovered it to be the dining hall. But inside was a grotesque, obese creature with glowing eyes. It stood at the table and turned its gaze toward him…



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