Discoveries in Base Golakth

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Shundara continued battling derro that tried to ambush them in an area beyond Vod’s Spire. Tentacles that Gin summoned kept the creatures at bay as the heroes continued to make ranged and spell attacks against the insane creatures, but the battle seemed to stall.

Gin ceased the tentacles and called on the Umbra to hypnotize many of the enemies. Tamar rushed out and sliced two of the derro down, Digby blasted them with fire bolts and Crunchy insulted them to death. The derro were simply no match for the heroes. They kept one alive and secured him for questioning using an immovable rod. The creature refused to answer until Gin spoke in the derro’s head and convinced the creature it was talking to itself.

They discovered they were in a place called Base Golakth. Through generations of oral history, the derro conveyed that they were instructed by Tisthorrak to kill the Sentinels of the Umbra and Daciana’s Kin. He also told them that the only exit was through the large sliding doors to the north and that outside was a great sea storm. But they still had no idea where they were from a geographic standpoint.

Suffering from a strange malady, Gin rested while the rest of the companions searched the area. They discovered that most traces of movement was from the south where they suspected more derro. They opened another door and discovered a large pit filled with excrement and body parts. On the far wall was a large cabinet similar to others they had encountered in the base. But this one appeared to be in better working order.

Crunchy lit the methane in the area on fire as Digby produced a lavender smell to quell the stench. As Digby and Crunchy went to investigate the cabinet, the entire area was suddenly illuminated from above…



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