Dangerous Explorations

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Gin, Tamar, Balor and Theren continued exploring Vod’s Spire in the desolate lands of Domtoch Kreeg. After resting, the companions ventured through the spire with Theren leading the way into several abandoned living chambers. In one chamber, Theren found a scrap of parchment with a message about making a stand against Qor’Targen. Krallak told Gin that Qor’Targen was a prince among the ancient elves of Sinarthaax.

In another chamber, a strange tentacled beast emerged from the stones to fly toward the group and attack. Its sharp beak snapped at the heroes until they were eventually able to bring it down. Impatient with Theren’s slow, silent and thoughtful progress, the companions headed out on their own. With some moving silently and others turned magically invisible, the heroes had a hard time keeping track of each other in the dark spire.

Gin found a room containing a fountain with putrid water in a chamber decorated with crumbling frescoes depicting the ascension of Sinarthaax elves by a god named Bel’Eill. The group reconvened outside a room they knew to house several undead and methodically attacked the ghouls inside.

Per Gin’s instruction, they left one alive, stuffed it inside Theren’s bag of holding, carried to the green fountain and dumped it inside to see what would happen. The ghoul stood up and began attacking with no apparent ill effects.

With the experiment failed, they slaughtered the pitiful creature before making their next move…



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