Chasing the Brain Eater

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Digby Folkor and Crunchy Malone, along with Merrill and Shundara decided that before trying to use the portal that they suspected a mind flayer used to escape them, they would explore beyond large double doors on the north wall. To their disappointment, the huge chamber appeared similar to one which they had previously explored with large portals and controls all appearing dead in the mucky floor.

The group decided to take a much-needed rest and Digby used his abilities to locate the mind flayer. He found it was about 500 feet from them, nearly straight down. Crunchy, still in the hold of The Raven, took the time to pry a few boards lose in the airship’s hull to create four murder holes for future use.

Rested and with The Raven secured, they activated the portal. They immediately came under attack by several kuo-toa, as well as a psychic blast from the mind flayer. In a panic, Digby transported them all back to the previous chamber. They quickly decided to head back to face their foe after Tamar revived Merrill who suffered gravely from the mind flayer’s assault.

The mind flayer was nowhere to be seen when they reactivated the portal, but Digby still had his magical ability to locate the creature. Crunchy dove into the murky green water that filled the room and sprung out to attack when one of the fish men walked by. They made quick work of the kuo-toa and decided to follow the mind flayer to the south.

Gin called on the Umbra to cause the dead fish creatures to rise as zombies and ordered them to join the hunt. Tamar noticed colored lights blinking from a chamber to the south. Closer inspection revealed the chamber walls were filled with blinking studs and lights similar to those on the cabinets. Inside were several undead standing entranced.

The lights turned off, shaking the undead from their stupor as Gin ordered his fish zombies to attack the new undead menace…



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