Another One Bites the Dust

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Gin Okami, Tamar, Theren Nailo and Digby Folkor faced strange tentacled humanoids and an undead beholder in an unknown area beyond Vod’s Spire. Gin wrapped his companions in umbral darkness in order to protect them from the beholder’s dangerous eye rays. Tamar leaped from the darkness to attack, but was immediately blasted by the beholder’s necrotic ray. The wound was enough to kill her, but her orcish desire for battle sustained her as she fled back into the protection of the darkness. With the lesson learned, the companions used ranged attacks from cover to eventually take their foes down.

They were then able to explore the room. It was lined with metallic beds that had humanoid indentations within them. To their surprise, two of the beds were occupied; one with a male goblin and the other with a yellow, elf-like female. Both were naked and weren’t breathing, yet neither appeared dead nor undead. An unseen force prevented anybody from making contact with the creatures. Gin used his magic to read the dimly glowing purple runes on the beds which allowed him to wake the female from her slumber. She awoke confused, agitated and defensive. The group managed to calm her down and provide her with her belongings found in a drawer at the front of the bed.

After some discussion, they decided to wake up the goblin. As the goblin awoke with a foul curse, Theren grabbed is stomach in intense pain. He keeled over as his stomach exploded and a green, undulating mushroom emerged from his bowels. Suspecting that it was a spawn of the plant-insect creature that had captured the elf and Balor earlier, Gin crushed the fungus and confirmed that it had killed Theren.

They then turned their attention to the two new companions. The female claimed to be a Githyanki named Shundara from a place called Habannen in Syrill. The goblin, named Crunchy Malone, claimed to be from Syrill also. They both had a similar story of derro on vulture-like mounts attacking Syrill with lightning-tipped lances. From their stories, Gin gathered that they had been in stasis for thousands of years since they claimed the Heaven Rock, which they called Gods’ Hammer, had only fallen from the sky 300 years ago. Previous clues gathered by the heroes pointed toward the Heaven Rock falling thousands of years in the past.

The remaining companions then burned Theren’s body, along with his magical bow, before deciding their next move…



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